SocialBee – Engage Features

Automate Meaningful New Engagements

Default Engage

Engage Your New Followers With Automated @Mentions

Send all your new followers an Automated @Mention to welcome them to your tribe. You can send them an open-ended question to spark a conversation, a valuable resource, point them to a landing page, just say hi, or any other message you want.

You have to create at least 20 such messages to enable this functionality, so we can rotate through them for a better experience.

Personalize Each Engage Message With the New Follower’s Details

Use our Engage variables to personalize the messages with details from your new follower’s profile. Add in dynamically as many of these you’d like: the handle of the user, their first name or full name, their full location or just the city, or even the current day of the week.

With this you can create automatically messages that sound like this: “Hey Joe! Thanks for the follow. How’s your Tuesday in San Francisco?”

Targeted Engage

Send The Perfect Welcome Message Through Targeted @Mentions

With our Targeted @Mentions functionality, you can create engage message categories for specific groups of people. You can apply all our Grow Filters on them, so when you’ll get a new follower matching that specific criterion, we’ll send them a message from that specific category.

This way you can easily send a message that’s really tailored to each new follower you’re targeting, or not send any message to a particular group of people if you want to.

The possibilities are endless!