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The Do It Yourself Tool

This is our SaaS (Software as a Service) Tool that you can use and manage yourself. Different Tool versions have different features or limitations that you can see in this table.

The Tool




This is how many Workspaces you can have. You can use the Workspaces to create clear boundaries between different brands or businesses you're managing - either for yourself or for your customers.





This is how many Users you can have in each Workspaces. A user can be a colleague, or a customer, that you want to invite in a particular Workspace You can also chose their particular access right.

Users per Workspace




This is how many accounts you can connect. For example, if you would have 1 Twitter, 1 Facebook Profile, 2 Facebook Pages, 1 Facebook Group, and 1 LinkedIn Profile, if my math is right, those would be 6 profiles. It does not matter if they are business or personal profiles, or if they come from different business entities. Pocket, Rebrandly, or Bitly accounts don't count towards this social profiles limit.

Social Profiles




Posting - On All Major Platforms

We can post directly on Twitter, Facebook (Profile, Page, Group), LinkedIn (Profile, Company) and Google My Business; plus we have a Buffer integration for Instagram and a Hootsuite integration for Instagram and Pinterest.

Post on

This is how many categories you have to organize your queue and schedule.

Content Categories​




This is how many RSS Feeds you can connect. RSS Feeds give you all the new articles within a website. We refresh these feeds regularly to look for new content.

RSS Feeds




How many posts you can have in a category. Once you've reached the limit, every time a new post is added, the oldest one gets deleted. Like that time when Kelly Bundy started learning lots of new things but forgot the name of her brother. Fun times!

Posts Per Category




You should not spend time always re-filling your queue. Unless a Content Category is set to Share Once, SocialBee posts each item from a category (when that category is scheduled), one by one, and when we get to the last post, we just jump to the first one. We work on a Last In First Out principle, so your new posts will always get priority. It's a post recycling system that will make sure you always have active social profiles.

Post Recycling

Aka Evergreen Posting​

Twitter Audience

You get our full suite of the Twitter Audience functionality. This means you'll be able to see your Competitor's Audience, do User Search, Keyword Search, see who are your Non-followers, add people to Whitelist and Blacklist, track your account's progress, and more. You'll be the Queen (or King) Bee of Twitter!

All Audience Tools


If you're looking for yearly payment, let us know. We can make that work.





PRO 25

Free 14-days trial

PRO 50

Free 14-days trial

PRO 150

Free 14-days trial

Not an Agency? Check out our Regular Plans!

Our Concierge Services

Let our Humans Save You Time

Concierge services are like extra (optional) toppings from a menu.

You need one of these platform options (Bootstrap/Accelerate/Pro) as a basis for the add-ons.

30 days money back guarantee

We offer 30 days money back guarantee and top-level support on all our plans.
You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime, for any reason.

Want two months off? Email us to switch to yearly plans.

Still not sure?


Are you a Social Media Agency?

No, we are NOT a Social Media Agency. We’re a SaaS (Software as a Service) Tool that also has a few Concierge Services. And even though for some small businesses or solopreneurs we replace the need of an Agency, many of our customers have their own Social Media Managers or work with an Agency. In fact, many Agencies love to work with us as well. If you’re an agency, find out more here.

Will my customers know about SocialBee?

Only if you want them to. Some of the agencies we work with like to share with their customers that they are using SocialBee for content posting or content curation and they can still charge a margin on top of our fees as the end customer knows their strategic value; while other agencies like to keep us as their secret weapon. We’re fine with both.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most payment methods: credit/debit cards from Mastercard, Visa. AmEx, and others. We also accept PayPal and more.

All payments are securely handled by FastSpring.

What if I pick the wrong plan?

No worries. This can sometimes happen. Like the time I wanted to pick regular honey but picked spicy honey instead. Your mistake won’t burn you as it burned me, though, because you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel whenever you want. If you downgrade, you’ll even be credited on a pro-rata basis.

Are there contracts or commitments?

There are no contracts or commitments. Just our promise to always love you.

What’s a Social Media Bee?

It’s not a what. It’s a who. The Social Media Bees are our smart, fun, and supportive humans that are here to help. They are Social Media Specialists and they can manage your concierge services if you have any.

What are the Concierge Services?

This is where the Social Media Bees work for you. We have a few specific services we can help with – like the Social Media Specialist, Content Writing, or IG Community Management. We still work within the compound of the SocialBee Tool, but we can save you lots of time with the Concierge Services. Find out more about them here.

Can I have multiple Concierge Services?

Please do! As our concierge services are delivered by the Social Media Bees, we are limited by our availability, so get them while you can.

Do you offer a trial for the Concierge Services?

No. We have real humans (we call them our Social Media Bees) doing manual work for each concierge service, so we want to see your commitment for this. We do offer 30-days money back guarantee also for the Concierge Services, though, so if you’re not happy with the service, we’re happy to refund you.

Still have questions?

That’s no problem. Questions take us forward. Well, actually the answers do. Nevertheless, you can check out our Documentation, the Features page, or just reach out. We’ve tried smoke signals in the past, but they tend to be quite unreliable, so just drop us a line at

What other agency customers think about SocialBee 💛

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When you switch to SocialBee, you don’t need to worry that you will loose any of your previous work. We will migrate your content into our app, sorted into specific categories, so you don’t have to spend any time moving content around!

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I was losing so much time creating posts and fresh content for myself and my clients. With SocialBee's evergreen content, Google Chrome extension, and Google my Business integration, we're able to save a ton of time and get much better reach across channels. So, I’ve definitely gained a tool that will help me grow my and my clients’ businesses.

It brings a fresh, time-saving approach when it comes to increasing online exposure. They’re friendly, helpful and even the CEO responds to emails.
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SocialBee is a no-brainer for us. I recommend it to every agency owner as well as to any entrepreneur who wants to put their brand awareness campaigns on social media on autopilot.
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SocialBee is taking the stress out of my day regarding sharing my content and my clients’ content on social media. Now I have more time to focus on creating content rather than spending time scheduling.
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When you are a 360-degree digital marketing agency you need to find reliable partners for specific areas of your work. We decided we need a reliable partnership: SocialBee.

If I were to describe SocialBee, I’d say that they're open to new ideas, they're professional, going the extra mile, no hassles along the way. Most of the time we do not require any changes on the copy, the content is ready to go live. We know that content writing is that kind of job that requires a skilled voice and quick delivery. They deliver fast each time and incorporate feedback quickly. Efficient as bees 🙂

We got to keep our clients happy with their content efforts. But we've just begun, lots of work lays ahead. Happy to be working with smart, inspired and effective bees!

Once you see it in action, it makes
even more sense!

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