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What Content You Should Use on Each Network

This is Chapter 5, Part 1 from the Content Types and Ideas Guide.

If you thought you can create the same social media posts for all social platforms, think again. Not all types of content need to be shared everywhere because not all types of content are suitable everywhere. That simple. But then what goes where? Well, let’s find out.

Facebook – Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Curated Content

  • Videos and live videos, as well as podcasts, seem to be the best type of content to share for your Facebook audience.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.26.53 What you may notice once you start sharing video content on Facebook is that your video posts might generate the highest average reach among all post types. Why? Well, probably because people simply enjoy watching videos on Facebook. 🙄 So what types of videos should you focus on? All types? Apparently, the videos people are after on Facebook are mostly How-To videos, Tips&Tricks types of videos and also Blog Post summaries. Other types of content that just seem to be really working on Facebook are:
  • Blog posts
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.25.35
  • Curated content
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.31.24 So, make sure to share your blog posts, articles you write with your audience on Facebook, and don’t shy away from curated content either. But when you curate content, ensure that you find high-quality content from third-party pages and sites. By adopting this Facebook posting strategy, and using these types of content, it’ll help you grow your Facebook Page’s engagement, reach and the much needed ‘Likes’. 😉

Twitter – News, Blog Posts, GIF’

  • News – the most common reason why people use Twitter is to stay updated with news. This means that you need to share the type of news that’s relevant to your followers – regardless of whether it’s industry news, company news or product/service news.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.20.44
  • Blog posts and curated content – Twitter is an excellent social platform to share your blog posts and curated relevant content.
You can even share several blog posts or curated content per day on Twitter and it works really well when it comes to engagement and reach. Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.16.18 And here’s what you can do to keep the tweet interesting to your audience: – Add a link (with the link preview) – Add Photo or Infographic – Add a Video – Add a GIF
  • GIFs – GIFs are very popular on Twitter.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.10.18 So, in case you have created GIFs for a product launch, promotions, news, etc, Twitter is the best platform to share them on.

LinkedIn – Professional Content, Company News, Jobs

  • Professional content – is a great type of content you can share on LinkedIn as a brand, content that is relevant and helpful to the professionals in your target audience.
Here’s what this type of professional content includes:
  • training webinars
  • Whitepaper
  • eBooks
  • industry studies
Screenshot 2019 12 19 at 14.51.46
  • Company news – make a great type of content on LinkedIn. So feel free to share company news and milestones on your LinkedIn company page as part of your content strategy.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.43.50
  • Jobs – LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, which means that the content your audience expects to see on LinkedIn is career information and jobs you have available.
Also, keep in mind that your LinkedIn Company Page is an excellent way for potential new hires to discover more about your company. So here’s what you can show people besides job listings and open positions:
  • your company culture
  • your employees’ achievements
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 19.56.00

Instagram – Good Quality Photos, Quotes, Stories

What do Instagrammers want to enjoy on Instagram? That’s really simple: beautiful visual content that would impress them. Artsy images are a go and a must if you want your audience to remember you and appreciate your brand. So, have a look at some of the types of high-quality photos you can post to Instagram: 👇
  • Product photos  showcase your products in the artsiest, most beautiful way
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 18.25.59
  • Behind-the-scenes – these are a popular type of Instagram photos from brands, and they can include photos of people in the company, events, or even the creation of a certain product, etc.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 18.30.56
  • User-generated content – this is a great approach when you are lacking product or behind the scenes images.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 18.40.43
  • Quotes – in case you haven’t noticed yet, know that motivational and inspirational quotes are one of the most popular content types on Instagram; so, go for it and get creative.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 18.35.26
  • Stories – when it comes to your Instagram Stories, you can be quite flexible, mostly because they would disappear in 24 hours anyway.
Screenshot 2019 12 17 at 18.45.06 And there are some other creative ways you can opt for when using Instagram Stories for your marketing. Here’s what you can share: 👇
  • Storytelling
  • Blog posts
  • How-to tutorials
  • Lists
  • Quotes
  • Discounts, promotions and limited time offers
  • Giveaways and discount coupons
  • Studies, data, and statistics
  • Announcements and updates

Pinterest – Step by step Photo Guides, Infographics

  • Infographics
Pinterest is a visual social media platform, just like Instagram is. This means that images are the way to go when it comes to Pinterest posts.
  • Step-by-step photo guides, lists, and instructions
Screenshot 2019 12 19 at 15.46.09

Image Source: Mom Deals

Design, fashion, DIY and craft, home decor, food recipes and images, and drinks, baby goods, and babies, and weddings are among the most popular images you’ll find on Pinterest. Also, let’s not forget the vertical images with step-by-step photo instructions and guidelines on how to create something, perform extremely well on Pinterest.

Screenshot 2019 12 19 at 15.48.38

Image Source: Dinner then Dessert 

Screenshot 2019 12 19 at 15.52.36

Image Source: Chic Pursuit

Content Types and Ideas
Content Types and Ideas

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