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Content Types and Ideas Guide

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Types of Content and Ideas for your Marketing Strategy

This is Chapter 1 from the Content Types and Ideas Guide.

Writing can be a puzzle.

A challenging puzzle composed of different relevant pieces you need to put together… the right way.

The more pieces you get right, the greater the chance to achieve your full picture (in writing).

And Content Types is one piece you’ll need to add to your writing puzzle, so things would start falling into place and create a fuller, clearer image.

In this guide, we will make sure to find all the pieces of this writing puzzle and deliver it to you as clear as possible.

Understanding what each piece does and how it helps you become a better writer/marketer is key in the writing process. And the guides we have written so far (Branding on Social Media, Copywriting for Social Media, and How to Create Buyer Personas In Social Media) were also created with the purpose to guide you through this fascinating “learning how to write content” process.

Now let’s focus on learning about Content Types and find some ideas that will fill in another missing piece.

What are Content Types?

We are all different. And so we obviously prefer different types of content. Never thought of this have you? 😛 Just like with everything else, everyone responds to different stimuli. What speaks to me, may mean nothing to you.

That’s why it’s so important to find the type of content your audience prefers. Some love videos, others enjoy good reading. 🤓 So, how do we translate different types of content into the right content our target audience wants?

Content can be anything from a blog post, an eBook, infographic or video. Basically, it’s what everyone consumes on a daily basis to get informed or simply to be entertained.

The purpose of your content (regardless the type) should be to:

  • Have the ability to educate, entertain, empower and address pain points

This way you’ll make sure to meet the needs of your readers and help them by allowing them to benefit from your knowledge. Which is pretty much the point anyway. Your content needs to have value, be interesting, entertaining, help and be worth sharing.

  • Form a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your target audience as they engage in your content

Developing such relationships could lead to followers clicking a link, filling out a form or buying straight from you – because you’ve built trust. And brand trust is a huge achievement.

In fact, many purchase decisions we make in life are driven by content. Isn’t that right? So, it surely makes sense to know what you are doing and who your content is addressed to when writing.

🔑 Key: Make sure to study which content types you can make available for your audience and which work best. What’s the type of content that makes your target audience respond and engage? If you have the answer, you know what to do! 😉

Content Types and Ideas
Content Types and Ideas

Would you like to read the full Guide? Read the full guide to discover what types of content work best for you. 

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