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Copywriting for Social Media Guide

Find out the secrets behind successful social media posts.

Social Media Copywriting Tips

This is Chapter 1, Part 1 from the Copywriting for Social Media Guide

What’s in it for me? – Something your audience always asks…

Finding the answer to this question will get you halfway to accomplishing your goal of winning your audience over to your side. What your visitors care about isn’t really whether you are a nice person or what your values are (this matters as well, but that’s another story 😀). 

All they care about is their own personal gain. Which leads us to the following: 

✔️ Nobody cares about you, they just care about themselves.

As selfish as it may sound, it’s fundamentally true. 😐 So, don’t make the mistake of writing about yourself, but rather focus on discovering “what’s in it for your reader”. Once you have figured that out, make sure you deliver the message loud and clear.

The good news is, there’s a formula behind every storytelling, every social media post. The trick is discovering which one works for you in one particular moment with a specific audience. We’ll talk more about the famous copywriting formulas down the line.

As I’ve already mentioned in the above, once you are done reading this guide you’ll know exactly which social media formulas work for you and which don’t. But, first thing’s first, let’s get on with it and learn all you need to know about copywriting, step-by-step.

✔️ Know your audience (focus on the WHO) 

Knowing the needs of your audience is an essential part in the copywriting process. It is extremely important for you to understand your customers, and get how they feel about what you’re offering.

You need to know which words, ideas and values convince your customers to take action. This is the key in the copywriting process and a secret weapon of the best of the best copywriters.

How do you get to know your customers? Here are some thoughts that may sound weird, but definitely worth mentioning:

  • Get inside your customer’s mind
  • Get to know your customer really well
  • Stalk your customer (as in know everything your customers does, wants, is interested in, etc)
  • Learn where your customer hangs out (online and offline)
  • Figure out how to have a conversation with your customer (a conversation that helps them feel good and actually meets their needs)

What do you need to know about your audience? What information will actually help you understand them better?

Here are some basics that help in the getting-to-know your audience process:

  • Demographics Info: age, gender, education, income level

You can get these demographics information from social media analytics, your customer databases (if you have one), or from your website’s analytic platform, and obviously from Google Analytics. Or you might just know this kind of info because you simply know your customers (you’ve spoken with them or you’ve dealt directly with them) – which is great.

  • Don’t make blind assumptions

Don’t just think you know your audience. Without getting to know your customers properly, you’ll never understand their actual needs and wants.

And now that you understand the importance of knowing your audience, it’s important to understand the different platforms where your consumers hang out. Having a clear understanding of the different social platforms out there, will help you know exactly what people are looking for on each platform.

Copywriting for Social Media
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