5 Types of Interactive Content to Use on Your Social Media


Interactive content for social media is a good way to get the results that brands are looking for. Conversions, engagement, and data come as results from these actions.

Brands adopting this content format have been increasing. After all, 88% of marketers say this strategy differentiates their brands from competitors.

To continue standing out, companies need to invest in interactive content on relevant channels. If you believe that this is only possible through blogs, maybe you are not aware of the power of social media.

On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users may not want to be just viewers. More than likes and shares, they want to participate, have fun, and learn.

This content will show how you can use interactive content on social media and achieve great results. We will cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of interactive content;
  • The 5 best types of interactive content for social media.

Keep reading and learn more!

The benefits of interactive content on social media

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For brands, there are two reasons to be on social media: exposure and engaging with their audience

Nothing is better for engagement than interactions. Comments on a post are great, for example. However, getting them is becoming more challenging.

The best way to avoid a commonplace is to use interactive content on social media.

This format is more attractive and brings a lot of significant benefits to any Digital Marketing Strategy.

Increased engagement

Engagement is something that every company seeks in social media strategies. Therefore, choosing the best actions is always important.

Interactive content has a greater ability to get people interested and involved in something. When a user answers a quiz, enters data into a calculator, or plays a game, brands engage.

A study showed that content that requires interaction receives up to twice as much engagement as static content.

Maybe your audience is already tired of just reading or watching something. These people enjoy these formats, but interaction gets more attention.

More attention from the audience

Your audience has to deal with a lot of content on their timeline. With so many brands posting all the time, ideas eventually run out, and formats become boring.

Naturally, people stop being interested in anything. That is why interactive content stands out. 

Not all companies invest in it as a relevant format.

It is easier to get your audience’s attention if your content is different from everything else they see on their timeline. The opportunity to interact with a post is interesting for people.

If this interactive content generates some benefit, that is, some value, audience attention will be even greater on what your brand publishes.

More data captured

You probably know about five or more different ways to capture leads. Most of them work as a trade: your brand delivers something to receive data from the audience.

The problem is that many web users have already figured out this strategy. As a result, some of them get tired of this.

Using interactive content for social media can quickly change this opinion. All you have to do is to publish interesting stuff on your channels.

Imagine that your company sells products for pregnant women and newborns. You know your audience well, and you know what they want.

So you develop a due date calculator and decide to post it on your company’s Facebook page.

This tool will be extremely useful to your audience. Therefore, these people will not worry about giving you some data in exchange for the free service you offer.

Qualified content

More important than offering content is to post something that is actually good.

You can keep social media pages active with basically any content. However, if they are not good, they will not get results.

Low-quality content can bring the opposite effect. While you were expecting engagement, your audience may realize that you have nothing good to offer.

That’s why brands need to invest in quality content that actually generates something valuable for the audience. Interactive content can definitely provide this!

The 5 best types of interactive content for social media

Social media is a very receptive platform for interactive content.

These channels have recently invested in new features that help capture these interactions.

Also, brands have developed creative ways to get their audiences more engaged.

Next, check out 5 interactive content for social media examples that bring great results!

1. Interactive calculators

Interactive calculators are a classic and very important format of interactive content.

They help people get results for absolutely everything they need. Therefore, brands from different markets can use the calculator to reach their target audience.

When using this format on social media, you have to know how to do it the right way. Ideally, your post should first present a problem.

Then you can show that your calculator is the perfect tool to help the user get the result they want.

For example, if you make this post on Facebook, you will need to link to the calculator. Usually, it is on landing pages, which is where you will get the leads.

A good example of a creative and very useful calculator is Third Love’s Fit Finder. It helps women find the perfect bra according to size, comfort level, fit, and style.

Source: ThirdLove

Source: ThirdLove

For this, the consumers need to answer a series of questions to receive the results in their e-mail.

2. Instagram polls

Polls are very common in content strategies. You can use them in different ways, but certainly, one of the most effective is Instagram’s tool.

Using it, you can create simple polls on the subjects you want. They get posted in stories, which helps you get a large volume of interaction from your audience.

It is important to choose an interesting topic for the polls to boost the level of engagement. You can use this feature to:

  • perform satisfaction surveys;
  • know what products your consumers like most;
  • learn more about consumer opinion about your services;
  • understand general questions about your target audience’s consumption profile.

To succeed with this strategy, the polls you propose cannot be boring. That would make people uninterested in your content.

As much as the Instagram poll does not allow you to get leads, it directly helps your company’s engagement on the web. This tool also directly affects the reach of your posts on this social media network.

Also, what you get out of investing in fun polls is a positive perception of your brand. Thus, people will increasingly watch your stories to answer other polls.

A good example of using this feature is from NBA, the North-American Professional Basketball League.

In each round of games, the page posts the matchups and asks users for their opinion on which team will win.

Source: NBA Instagram

People love to interact, whether to predict the winner or to show support for their favorite team. This action is a way to engage by offering a fun interaction.

3. Quizzes

Quizzes are fun, challenging, and perfect for getting closer to your audience!

People love to participate in competitions, even if they are not worth anything but testing their knowledge. Quizzes can entertain your audience and generate engagement at the same time.

You can use this strategy for absolutely anything. Good options include:

  • finding out how much your audience knows about your brand;
  • creating quizzes about your company’s history;
  • helping people learn more about a subject related to your brand.

As with polls, the subject matter must be interesting. This choice prevents the strategy from failing to engage your audience.

Therefore, think about strategies that help boost these quizzes. For example, close to the Black Friday date, ask people which products will have the biggest discounts in your e-commerce.

Sports-related brands can make quizzes about historical facts. Fans usually never forget these events, and this kind of content would engage them easily.

Disney is doing a good job exploring the history of their characters to create fun and engaging quizzes.

Source: Disney Instagram

After all, who wouldn’t want to take a quiz about Mickey Mouse?

4. Live Q&A session

The live video industry increased by 99% in 2020. This impressive statistic shows how your brand needs to take advantage of all this engagement.

People like the feeling of watching something live. It allows them to think that they will not miss any important information.

Therefore, your brand can take advantage of the good acceptance of live videos and educate your audience while generating engagement at the same time. For this, live Q&A sessions are a great strategy.

The idea is to allow your audience to be in contact with a brand representative and ask questions.

You can set a specific theme for this Q&A or allow any questions.

To do this, ask your audience to leave questions in the comments of the platform. You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or even Twitch.

5. Games

Yes, you can post games on social media timelines!

Of course, we are not talking about the latest generation games from the most advanced consoles.

The strategy is to transform simple images and videos into interaction and engagement tools! After all, everyone likes to have fun, and why not do this while using social media?

One of the best case studies in the market is from the Disney Instagram page!

“Guess The Show From Emojis” is exciting and fun. Through three emojis, the user needs to decide which show from the channel the emojis represent.

Source: Disney Instagram

Another game is the search for the Easter egg. The company created an animated image where the user needs to find the object and comment.

You can explore different formats of interactive content for social media and achieve great results! 

To do this, you need to use creativity and understand more about your target audience. This way, you know which types of content will generate interactions and engagement.

You can explore different formats of interactive content for social media and achieve great results! 

To do this, you need to use creativity and understand more about your target audience. This way, you know which types of content will generate interactions and engagement.

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