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How to create Buyer Personas in Social Media Guide

Discover all there is to know about creating your very own buyer persona.

Keyword Research for Social Media

This is Chapter 4, Part 2 from the Buyer Persona Guide

Focusing on keywords and buyer personas on social media is key. See what we did here: keywords are key! 🔑

It’s an important foundation in your inbound marketing strategy, in your inbound sales strategy and in your overall business strategy. We mean, even your product development will be built on top of this foundation.

After your buyer personas are created you should start thinking about keyword research. But only after you have your buyer personas, not before. Many marketers start with keyword research without even having their buyer personas built – and it is a huge mistake.

So, step 1 is to create your buyer persona and step 2 is to find the right keywords and keyword phrases. What you are looking for at this point is basically to find the keywords that will attract the right kind of customers.

Just like the foundation of search marketing is built on keywords, conducting and implementing keyword research is highly effective on social media as well.

And search marketers are very much aware that conducting constant keyword research and keyword analysis is extremely important in order to achieve success with organic and paid search advertising.

So regardless of whether your target audience is present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, your social media marketing efforts should begin with determining which social media keywords your target audience, ideal customer is using.

Actually, by conducting keyword research for social media, you’ll be able to discover the needs and wants of social communities. How? Simply by following these steps:

  • Make sure you are up to date with the trending topics on social media platforms
  • Determine search query frequency
  • Measure market interest for your products/services
  • Identify if there’s a demand for keywords and which ones are the best ones to use
  • Have a clearer understanding regarding the user intent
  • Determine what creates user engagement

The benefit of researching and identifying the right social media keywords is that you’ll better understand how to create and communicate your message effectively.

✍️ Bottom line:

Researching keywords will help in anticipating the demand for certain topics and you’ll be able to determine the specific keywords and keywords phrases people are searching for.

Find out more about keyword research for social media, here. You can also check out the most popular suggestions for Social Media Keywords generated by WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool.

Buyer Personas in Social Media

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