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How to create Buyer Personas in Social Media Guide

Discover all there is to know about creating your very own buyer persona.

Local versus Global Buyer Personas

This is Chapter 4, Part 4 from the Buyer Persona Guide

You are ready to create your buyer personas but wait… should it be local or global? 🌏

Well, if your business markets the products and services across different countries, you most likely had the discussion of global vs. local with your team. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

The balance between global vs. local is given by the following elements:

  • organization structure
  • roles and responsibilities
  • products or services
  • the management preference as well as budget distribution

In the digital world, the best way to proceed things is by thinking and acting both globally and locally. With news traveling in seconds on the social platforms, the local news can easily and quickly go viral and become national and even global news. Just like international news can easily be picked up via mobile phones anywhere in the world.

So, consider the following approach: unless your business is truly local, each part of your marketing plan needs both a global and local perspective.

But, we need to also be realistic about the fact that only a few brands have a truly global strategy. Even leading global brands have a dominating presence in certain parts of the world and are underrepresented in other parts. And, it’s always a smart idea to adapt your product or service for local differences – the nation’s laws and adapting to the preferences of local consumers.

✍️ Bottom line:

The balance of global vs. local is something you need to measure when crafting your marketing campaigns.

As social media somehow transformed us into global citizens, it may be much harder to have just a local impact. So, marketers need to clearly understand what stays local and what to globalize.

And, just like with all marketing aspects, the best way to go about it is to understand your audience, your ideal customer really well and work together between the headquarters as well as local teams from planning to carrying out the tasks.

Buyer Personas in Social Media

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