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Product Features and Benefits

Simple definition: Features – Something that your product is, has, does. Features are basically facts about products or services, and they add credibility to your product.

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Humor in Copywriting

And you thought you have to be all serious when it comes to copywriting. 😂 Humor is a powerful marketing tool. And, it’s a fantastic way to connect with your audience. But how can you…

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Competitive Copywriting

Oh, the competitive copywriting… yes, there is such a thing. Besides knowing your competition, it’s also important to know a thing or two about competitive copywriting. Competitive copywriting is also known as…

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Power Words

Power words? Say what? 💪 Yes, there are such things as well. And they are very efficient in your copy creation. You may have already crossed paths with dozens of power words by now…

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The Visuals of Writing

Boring written content is out. Visual content is in – and here to stay. And, clearly, the importance of visual content in social media is undeniable. And this importance has…

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Emojis – When to Use Them

Let’s talk about emojis, our fun friends on social media. 😊 But before we dive into the details, we need to make sure everyone gets the difference between emojis and emoticons. No, they are not…

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