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Social Media Copywriting Tips

What’s in it for me? – Something your audience always asks… Finding the answer to this question will get you halfway to accomplishing your goal of winning your audience over to your side. What your visitors care about…

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Social Media Platform Differences

Think about it. What kind of Facebook posts or tweets you’d like to see when visiting Facebook or Twitter? If you are looking for something really interesting, or valuable… others do too. On social platforms…

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Product Features and Benefits

Simple definition: Features – Something that your product is, has, does. Features are basically facts about products or services, and they add credibility to your product.

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Humor in Copywriting

And you thought you have to be all serious when it comes to copywriting. 😂 Humor is a powerful marketing tool. And, it’s a fantastic way to connect with your audience. But how can you…

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Competitive Copywriting

Oh, the competitive copywriting… yes, there is such a thing. Besides knowing your competition, it’s also important to know a thing or two about competitive copywriting. Competitive copywriting is also known as…

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Power Words

Power words? Say what? 💪 Yes, there are such things as well. And they are very efficient in your copy creation. You may have already crossed paths with dozens of power words by now…

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The Visuals of Writing

Boring written content is out. Visual content is in – and here to stay. And, clearly, the importance of visual content in social media is undeniable. And this importance has…

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