How Can You Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy Along with Your Business?


When you think about content marketing, you immediately conjure viral YouTube videos, hilarious memes, well-written blogs, real-time tweets, and Facebook posts. But the truth is, content marketing has been around for ages even before the digital era. 

However, the world witnessed a lot of changes since humans began telling stories. New marketing avenues such as social media sites usher more opportunities to reach new audiences a million times faster than word-of-mouth. 

The strategies that performed well before won’t do any good now. Hence, we’re here to give you content marketing tips that focus on your ever-growing business and the ever-changing advertising landscape. 

So let’s take a look at these content marketing strategy examples and try adopting the ones that catch your eye.

1. Select and reaffirm your content marketing structure

Before you implement other content marketing tips, your venture needs to build your content marketing program around a fundamental model based on your organization’s objectives, assets, and value you want to relay to your audience. 

Here are some content marketing structures you can choose from:

  • Content as a contributor – content marketing strategy upholds and works with demand generation, product advertisement, and other activities linked to entrepreneurial communications. 
  • Content as an expert – content marketing strategy is focused on fortifying audience relationships through addressing them with interactive information on social media channels
  • Content as a helper – content marketing strategy is not concerned with generating online material but with particular company functions 
  • Content as a crucial part of the company – content is produced and marketed by the enterprise much like their products or services 

Selecting a content marketing model that works for you from the very beginning of your strategic advancement is like paving a clear path for the reason and structure behind your content marketing methods. It also helps you allot resources effectively and allows you to improve your grasp on how to scale your content marketing strategy for sustainable success. 

2. Establish and expand your social media presence

In 2020, Statista tallied more than 3.6 billion social media users across the globe. The numbers are expected to hit 4.41 billion by 2025, a testament to how fast social media is growing worldwide and how it should be at the forefront of any content marketing initiative. 

Social media is a crucial aspect of any content marketing strategy. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop trying to get more customers or a multinational enterprise attempting to raise brand awareness, being on social media and posting value-adding, engaging and meaningful content are vital to keeping your business thriving. 

A content marketing strategy that’s grounded on social media does not only help you get in touch with your audience. It also helps you tap into new markets, highlight brand recognition, manifest a stronger digital presence, and be more distinguished as a company. 

By distributing high-quality and interactive content on social, your organization can soar to new heights. To achieve this as you expand your enterprise, you can purchase social media tools that help execute your content marketing methods, from curating day-to-day uploads to automatically posting content across all your platforms.

SocialBee actually offers social media specialist services for those learning how to do content marketing with focus on social media channels. Once we’ve taken a good look at your social media profiles, we’ll assign an expert to work with your weekly content according to your demands and brand standards. 

Take a look at our social media specialist services here and see what plan fits you. 

3. Create a stronger brand image

Branding is integral for businesses to attain long-lasting success. With a strong brand, a venture can raise traffic, acquire more leads, boost sales and ultimately increase revenue. That’s because it streamlines the process of attracting relevant prospects with buyer personas into your retail sphere by providing customers with reasons to trust you

Before you carry on with content marketing tips, lay the foundation for your brand and draft branding guidelines. Afterward, you can start building and developing your brand image. 

Social media is a great channel for getting your brand out there and fostering it. It’s also good for communicating with your audience, putting a spotlight on your business’s edge over the competition, and executing your content ideas from your content marketing plan

Need help setting up brand guidelines? Check out the second chapter of our guide for branding on social media and get started with standing out from the crowd. 

4. Subscribe to a social media management software

With plenty of avenues to distribute content on and monitor their performance and engagement, implementing a social media management software to simplify your social media marketing processes has become highly essential, especially with social media taking center stage in content marketing. 

Social media management tools help marketers save time, remain organized, and be increasingly efficient. Available systems are packed with features that gather social media feeds in a single hub, present all engagements effectively across your profiles, automatically upload scheduled content, analyze audience engagement patterns, produce analytical reports, and so much more. 

Choosing a content marketing software that matches you, addresses your demands, and aligns with your objectives, so start looking through options now. 

5. Work on your team dynamics

Content marketing is all about collaboration. It takes a collaborative mindset to attain the highest level of success in today’s competitive landscape. Although churning new ideas with top dogs of your team can be an ideal strategy, it helps to consider the creative thoughts of each member of your workforce. 

As such, working with staff should be a breeze. One of the best content marketing strategy tips we can give regarding collaboration is onboarding software solutions with functions that foster better teamwork like internal commenting for posts that require review and spaces where you can view the most recent content that requires approval. 

6. Collaborate with trusted experts 

It’s also vital for your enterprise to consider teaming up with industry experts and content marketing specialists. 

Whether you’re struggling with writing how-tos or concerned about reeling in new LinkedIn leads with your new content syndication strategy, working with professionals greatly contributes to attaining your goals. In addition, you’ll save lots of time with the extra pair of hands and acquire more meaningful insights that can make even the most challenging work seem like a cakewalk. 

There are plenty of specialists offering services online, from monthly content writing packages for your website, the expansion of your LinkedIn network to even migrating your content, feed, and configurations from one solution to another. 

SocialBee has a slew of concierge services that are fun to incorporate in your operations. Take a look at our options here. We might have just what you need. 

7. Be led by audience intent

A buyer’s journey is never linear, and as the competition grows tougher, determining which content will deliver your audience’s desired brand experience has also become increasingly challenging. 

Content marketing expert Daniel Hochuli claims audiences have 2 top reasons for consuming content online. They either come for information and interest in a certain topic or to make a purchase.  

Getting a good grasp of the reason behind your audience’s interaction with your content results in a clearer vision affecting relevant decisions you make for your content marketing strategy. It also influences the way you craft content, since it prompts you to match audience expectations. 

Allow audience intent to lead the way in every content marketing initiative you wish to execute. 

Using these content strategy tips to boost your business

There are various content marketing methods you can utilize in your strategy that go beyond images, videos, and infographics. There’s podcasts, guest posts, white papers, and case studies, among others. 

Whatever medium you decide to use, the important thing is applying the right content marketing strategy to your business and making sure your content marketing methods engage your audience. 

If you’re still wondering about which types of content to use or which content marketing strategy examples to implement, you don’t have to find your way out of the labyrinth alone. Our content marketing experts and our software would love to help you establish and develop successful content marketing that links with your leads and boosts conversions. 

Want to learn more? Choose from our concierge services or schedule a personal demo to see if we work well with you. 

Other than that, if you have content marketing strategy tips that have helped your company reach new heights, share them with us and with other readers in the comments below.