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Branding on Social Media Guide

Branding matters! Learn how to do it like a Pro.

Social Media Branding Strategies

This is Chapter 2, Part 1 from the Branding on Social Media Guide.

It is a well-known fact that social media can be very helpful in growing your brand and in reaching out to your audience. In fact, social media is one of the most efficient tools to market your brand and stand out from the crowd. 

As a result, social media isn’t simply about building a social presence, not anymore anyway. In the digital era we live in, social media is also about creating a strong brand image. Strong enough to increase traffic, leads, and sales.

So, branding is an important phase for businesses that want to generate long-term business success. Additionally, social media branding simplifies the process of getting more relevant people into your sales funnel by giving them a reason to trust you.

And, when social media branding is done properly, it will help you connect to your target audience. Which is pretty much what you want.

1. Use the right message when posting

When it comes to brand building on social media, you’ll notice that it isn’t so hard to deliver the proper results as long as you discover how to create the right content for your audience.

You’ll also notice that once you find a way to match the content and the images you are posting on your socials with the purpose of your brand in mind, your audience will become more involved and active.

Examples of matching the right copy with the right image:



At this point, it’s very important not to lose sight over the fact that each of your social media platforms has the potential of building your brand. Therefore it is very important to post consistent messages on each of your social channels. As a result, you’ll manage to win your audience over and build a relationship of trust between them and your brand.

But, how do you become consistent with your messages?

At first, it’s basically trial and error until you discover what your audience demands.

But after a while, when you get to know your audience, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, posting relevant, consistent messages all over your social platforms will become an easier task.

2. Choose the social media platforms that work best for your brand

The first thing you need to discover is which social platform is right for your brand.

Why? Because each social media platform has a specific audience that is used for a certain type of content. It is very important to get this right from the very beginning. It will make it easier for you to strategize on a specific social network.

Also, choosing the right social platform will help you to achieve the branding goals you are aiming for.

If you are a B2B business, then LinkedIn is your obvious choice as there are many business owners on this platform. However, if you are a B2C or C2C, then Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is a better choice to target your audience and grow your presence on these social platforms.

The key here is to be active on the right social platform. Otherwise, you’ll end up with poor results and being frustrated. The social platform you are using can actually make or break your social media experience – it can basically establish the success or failure of your brand from the very beginning. So, choose right!

3. Post regular and relevant content

If you think having your social platform set up all nice and smooth is enough, think again.

The type of content and how frequently you post makes all the difference. So make sure to post good quality, educational content on a regular basis.

The number of times your audience will interact with your brand on social media will determine how well and how much they connect to you. Obviously we are talking about good quality interactions. So, it’s sort of a given that the content you post has to be the best out there – something your audience really wants to learn about.

Get the word out, reach out to your social media followers with the right content, make a good first impression and you’ll experience success in no time!

How many times should you post on your social platforms?

Here are few estimates you can follow:

  • Facebook: 1+ times/day
  • Twitter: 4+ times/day
  • Instagram: 1-2 times/day
  • LinkedIn: 1 time/day
  • Google+: 3+ times/day
  • Pinterest: 5+ times/day

Make sure to post engaging and well-organized content on all of your social media channels.

Also, you need to ensure that all of your social platforms are running together very well. And for that, it’s important to use a social media tool that works best for you.

4. Social Media Management Tools are the way to go

Have you ever thought about your best social media tip and trick for great efficiency and excellent social presence? Do you have such an ace up your sleeve?

If you don’t, here’s a suggestion of a great social media tool that works its magic:

Why do we at SocialBee love this tool so much? And, why do our customers appreciate us so much?

The short answer would be: because our tool can help you save time and effort when it comes to your social media strategy.

Did we say strategy? Yes, we did. You can finally develop a fully functional, efficient social media strategy with minimum effort. 😎


So what exactly does SocialBee stand for?

All-in-one tools and services for content posting and recycling, follower growth, engagement, and more.

Besides being a super easy to use the platform, SocialBee is also great because you can schedule content for your social channels, grow engagement on your platforms, post evergreen content, curate the best content for you, and much, much more.

And, although it has many great features, maybe the best one would be the fact that it allows you to categorize the content.

So, when you create a social media calendar, you’ll know exactly how many times the content from a category was shared and how it fits into your overall marketing strategy.

This feature can be really great when you are interested in promoting something like: a social media contest, an event, Twitter chat, or Facebook Live broadcast.


Additionally, because nobody has enough time to do it all when it comes to managing the social media platforms, by using the SocialBee you’ll be able to manage your content efficiently. You can even curate content like nobody’s business.😎

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that SocialBee is in fact the perfect tool if content management on social eats up too much of your time. And it usually does. 😟

Once you’ll try the SocialBee tool, you’ll never want let go of it. In fact, we are so sure you are gonna love it, that we offer 30 days money-back guarantee and top-level support on all our plans. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime, for any reason.

The really great news is, with SocialBee all your social troubles will actually be far-far away. Today. Well… or as soon as you get our social media management tool.😛


Not to mention that with our Concierge Services you’ll have access to your own dedicated Social Media Bee (an actual human being with hopes and dreams 🙋). They will save you lots of time – and they’re fun to work with!

What’s a Social Media Bee?

It’s not a ‘what’. It’s a ‘who’. 😛 The Social Media Bees are our smart, fun, and supportive humans that are here to help. They are Social Media Specialists and they can manage your concierge services if you have any.

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5. Improve your Social Profile

Improvement and upgrades are always welcome. But, how do you upgrade your bio on social media?

Well, for starters, skip everything that’s not relevant information or gives absolutely no clarity about your brand. After all, why keep information that brings no value?

What you need to do is describe as well as possible the purpose of your brand and help your visitors understand clearly who you are and what you do.

Regardless of how great your products may be or how amazing your services are, if your profile bio doesn’t reflect any of that, your social media branding efforts won’t pay off.

Such a small detail – like optimizing your social bio – makes such a big difference when it comes to branding strategies. So, don’t ignore any details. In fact, describe the values your brand stands for at your profile bio. Also, add the advantages and benefits of your company and your services/products offer.

When it comes to your social bio, everything should look and feel excellent. Everything you add at your description counts. Why? Because your visitors will scan your brand from top to bottom based on your profile bio – for starters at least…

And, what they see is all up to you. But, you know what they say about first impressions…

“Never forget that you only have one opportunity to make a first impression – with investors, with customers, with PR, and with marketing.” Natalie Massenet

Here’s an example of a well-written social profile:


You could also add a photo to your social bio description as Starbucks does. An image is always a great addition to any description because it’s attention-grabbing and brings value to the content.


6. Discover the voice that represents your brand

Building a connection and a great relationship with your social followers is extremely important.

One way to do that is to find a voice that reflects your brand’s personality. However, in case your brand’s personality isn’t reflected in the content you share on a regular basis, your voice won’t really be heard. Or at least not at the intensity it should or you would want to.

The great thing about finding your voice is that in time, once you get comfortable with it, it’ll make it easier for you to create content and engage with your audience.

Here’s a great, engaging example of copy on social media from Wendy’s:


“That Dave’s Double…Could. Go. All. The. WAY! From our store to your door with delivery through DoorDash.” – It’s engaging, entertaining, attention-grabbing and creates a context for the entire post.

Branding on Social Media

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