Introducing The Annual Atarim Web Agency Summit 2021 (March 23-26)


When talking about missions, it’s fair to say that we’ve committed ourselves to build the best social media management product available on the market. Add to that the best marketing services you can find and you’ve just put together the picture of SocialBee.

And this is where the excitement level gets over the top, and a drumroll is much needed. Our CEO, Ovi Negrean, will be joining The Annual Atarim Web Agency Summit as a speaker, where he will give a sneak peek into how to increase your web design agency’s recurring revenue by using a range of several marketing services.

Atarim was the host of the largest summit in the WordPress world last year, managing to bring together numerous people, right when the world was slowly diving into the first (and not last) lockdown. One year later, we are all meeting in the online environment, for the Web Agency Summit.

Are you curious to find out how to scale your digital agency or freelance business? If your answer is yes, you can find out how to do that not only by attracting high-paying clients but also by building recurring revenue. 

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for March 23-26!

What is the Web Agency Summit all about?

The Web Agency Summit is an online event that will start on the 23rd of March, concentrating on the ways through which you can scale your digital agency or freelance business by drawing high-paying clients and building recurring revenue. 

Have we mentioned that it is also completely free?

Community is important and The Atarim Web Agency Summit knows that – even in the online environment. There will be talks, as well as live Q&As with industry-leading WordPress professionals, that will share with you the best strategies you can use, as well as their experience(s). 

You will have the chance to see what’s going on behind-the-scenes with the help of no less than 30 people, from world-class agency owners to developers and marketers who know the best ways to run their business or what they’d change now.

Who are the speakers?

The Web Agency Summit will give everybody a chance to get involved with the community and the speakers will be no strangers to that.

These are a few of the speakers who will join the summit: Marieke Van de Rakt (CEO at Yoast), David Vogelpohl (WP Engine), Chris Badgett (LifterLMS), Adrian Tobey (Groundhogg), Ovi Negrean (CEO at SocialBee), and many others.

The speakers are all famous and carefully selected experts who will gather to share their thoughts about the multitude of aspects of the industry. And in this case, it’s not going to matter if we’re talking about running WordPress agencies with thousands of clients or growing multi-million dollar businesses or mastering WordPress development. 

And it’s not even going to be all about the “business” side of things, as it’s also going to dwell a bit into the “personal” side of things, where it can get overwhelming, and how to avoid it, as well as delivering the projects in a timely manner and increasing the profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important dates

  • The summit starts on Tuesday, March 23rd, at 9 AM EST
  • The sSummit ends on Friday, March 26th, at 6 PM EST

The Format of the Virtual Summit

  • Each day will comprise 9 video presentations, that will be available based on a schedule. All the videos will be broadcasted live. 
  • The replays of the event will be available in exchange for purchasing lifetime access to the sessions.
  • Any attendee can join the conversation, and they can do that by signing up (for free) and engaging with other attendees
  • All the people attending the event will be constantly informed about the sessions once a day, through different channels: emails and messengers.

Key takeaways

  • Access to all the video sessions available on the website, for free
  • Remarkable (not to mention, free) prizes available at the Exhibit Hall
  • Learning and understanding the process of scaling without feeling overwhelmed
  • Delivering projects in a timely manner, while keeping your clients happy
  • Getting a better understanding of WordPress security and the risks your clients might deal with
  • Using both systems and strategies to generate revenue
  • Behind-the-scenes insight of the most successful businesses related to WordPress