SocialBee Concierge

Our Concierge Services will give you access to your own dedicated Social Media Bee.
They will save you lots of time – and they’re fun to work with!

Twitter Growth

Every day, we manually follow relevant Twitter accounts and unfollow the ones that don’t bring any value.

These are humans, with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. No bots involved. So you’ll be compliant with Twitter’s Term of Services.

We do everything manually, exactly as it should be.

Expect between 100 and 1000+ new real, relevant, targeted followers/month.

It’s targeted Twitter audience growth as a service, on autopilot.

Content Curation

You (and your business) are unique so your curated content should be the same.

We curate content, just for you, on a weekly basis, based on the specific keywords and topics provided by you.

You can use the curated content on all your social profiles, and mix it with your own content. We can add it as approved, or not approved – and then you only approve the ones you like. You have full control.

Provide great value to your target audience, while saving lots of time.

eMail Concierge

You live in your email. You love it there. There’s where you thrive.

So why should you then have to use other software (be it the amazing SocialBee) when you have something new to share?

With the SocialBee eMail Concierge, you don’t have to!

Do you have a new blog post you’d like to schedule? Or an event you want to promote? Maybe you’ve found an interesting article that you know your audience will love.

Just email us the details and your dedicated Social Media Bee will take care of it. You’ll love us for it 🙂

Concierge Onboarding

Don’t know what content to add or don’t have time for it?

Let our Social Media Bees help you with onboarding. You just fill a small intake form, and we take care of the rest.

Based on your needs, plus taking into account our experience and industry best practices, we can create promotional items, curate content, find some good quotes or fun pictures, set-up the growth and the engage messages, and more.

But don’t worry. You’re in full control. We don’t post anything without your approval.

We’ll then even send you a recorded walk-through of what we did for you, so you can easily make changes yourself if you want to.

I really like your flexibility and the fact that you interact with the users, listen to them, and then implement their ideas whenever possible.

Corina Manea

Chief Community Officer, Spin Sucks

You’re always really quick to get back to me whenever I have a question or request. A really accommodating customer service.

Darren Ortsman

Marketing Director,

I like SocialBee because it’s really easy, really simple, very friendly and I think your support is super important.

Lahat Tzvi

Top #100 World Sales Expert, Tfisot Group