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Twitter Growth Specialist

We'll manually grow your Twitter following
  • Every day, we manually follow relevant Twitter accounts and unfollow the ones that don’t bring any value.
  • Expect a between 100 and 1000+ new real, relevant, targeted followers/month.
  • It’s targeted Twitter audience growth as a service, on autopilot.

Content Curation Specialist

We'll curate relevant content, just for you
  • We curate content, just for you, on a weekly basis, based on the specific keywords and topics provided by you.
  • You can use the curated content on all your social profiles, and mix it with your own content.
  • Provide great value to your target audience, while saving lots of time.

Our Top Bundles: Platform + Services

Twitter Growth

We'll organically grow your Twitter following
  • Platform: Concierge Grow – $0
  • Twitter Growth Specialist – $49

Managed Concierge Plus

Twitter Growth + Accelerate + Curated Content
  • Platform: Accelerate – $49
  • Twitter Growth Specialist – $49
  • Content Curation Specialist – $49

We offer 30 days money back guarantee and top level support on all our plans.
You can cancel anytime, for any reason.

If you have specific content needs, like integrations, long form content needs, or other social media networks, let’s talk. We only take on a limited number of new customers each month, so if you’re serious about your growth, act now.

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions. If you have other questions, just ask us via email at

How will you grow my Twitter audience?
We’re using tried and tested techniques to follow users that are relevant to you. Many of them will follow you back, and so you gain new, real, targeted followers. After a while, we clean up the ones that don’t bring you value or don’t follow you.
How many new followers will I get?
This depends on your target market, your profile, and the content you’re putting out (we can help with that too). You can expect to get between a few dozens and a couple hundred new followers each day.
How does a relevant account look like and how do you find them?
Together with you, we select a list of influencers in your space, competitors, and relevant keywords (like “social media marketing”, “startups”, etc). We then listen on Twitter for conversations about the keywords we’ve chosen. People who follow competitors or influencers in your space will most likely be relevant to you. As well as people who tweet about your selected keywords.

We then listen on Twitter for conversations about the keywords we’ve chosen and follow the accounts that match our criteria.

People who follow competitors or influencers in your space will most likely be relevant to you. As well as people who tweet about your selected keywords.

What does a free profile check cover?
A good Twitter profile is the foundation of any Twitter growth strategy.

When we (on your behalf) follow relevant people, they will check you out. So you need to have a good profile for them to want to follow you back.

We go through our own profile best practices checklist and make sure you have a great profile. If we see some red flags, we give you tips on how to improve it.

Content: What's a Content Bucket?
Think of a content bucket like a content category. You can, for example, have: “My blog posts”, “Links from other people”, “Quotes”, “Promotional content”, “Pictures of chickens” (hey, maybe you’re a chicken farmer).

Different categories of content will be put in different buckets, so we can best mix them for you.

How should the content mix look like?
On Twitter (and in other communications as well) you should use the 80-20 rule. Share 80% non-promotional content – either your own or from other people, and 20% of your own, promotional content.

For most customers, we recommend having these 4 buckets: “My posts”, “Other posts”, “QQF (Questions, Quotes, and Fun)”, “Promotional”.

A good mix could be one of each, in this sequence:

  1. My posts
  2. Other posts
  3. QQF
  4. Promotional
  5. QQF
  6. Other posts
  7. My posts
  8. QQF
  9. Promotional
  10. Other posts

And keep this cycle going.

What happens when I have new content?
We constantly monitor your website. Whenever we see there is new content, like a new blog post, we add it to your content bucket.

You don’t have to do a thing. Except sit back and watch the traffic flow in.

If you have some other content that was posted elsewhere, just let us know and we’ll add it to the right content bucket.

How do you find relevant content?
We use various tools to find the best and most shared content that’s relevant to your audience. We then add it to a content bucket so you can always share it with your followers.
How do you revive old content?
Most of the blog posts are not about news, events or things that are not relevant in a week or two but are evergreen content. And there’s no reason not to keep sharing them from time to time with your audience.

For each content (like a blog post, video, etc) you have, we write between 1 to 5 different tweets so we can send them out from time to time.

How do you recycle the content?
Whenever we used all the tweets from a content bucket, we start from the beginning again.

We write multiple, different, tweets for each piece of content we add to a bucket, so there’s a larger variety in your tweets.

Not all your followers will see each of your tweets so recycling evergreen tweets is a good practice.

Why 12 tweets per day?
The half-life of a tweet is now only 24 minutes. So tweeting more often (e.g. every 2 hours) will make sure your tweets get seen by the most amount of people. This will bring you maximum reach and engagement.

If you’d like to tweet more often or less often, we can discuss this.

Who will write the tweets?
Our team does. Based on your standards and by using your tone of voice. You don’t have to do a thing. But you can always offer improvement suggestions if you’d like.
Can I still Tweet on my own?
Sure thing! You can tweet whenever you’d like. When we see you created a tweet that can be used again (an evergreen tweet), we add it to one of the content buckets so it can be tweeted again in the future.
Can I see what you're planning to tweet before you start tweeting?
Of course. Once we’ve prepared the initial setup and filled the various content buckets, you can review them so you’re fully happy with the tweets that are scheduled to go out.
Can I still use Buffer?
Yes, you can still use Buffer. In fact, we are scheduling the tweets to go out by using Buffer.

If you have your own Buffer account that you’d like to use, we can use that. Otherwise, we’ll use ours. You don’t need to pay a dime extra.

What’s the difference between SocialBee Tools and SocialBee Concierge?
With the SocialBee Tools, you’ll be able to do everything yourself. But as the SocialBee Tools are not yet production ready, we’re offering the concierge service, where we do all the hard work for you.
How can this be so cheap?
We’re using top tools to be productive, and we don’t want to ask for an arm and a leg, as many social media tools or consultants do.

We think this is a great price that will still bring us a bit of honey as well.