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Our Concierge Services will give you access to your own dedicated specialist. They’re here to bring their expertise, save you time – and they’re fun to work with!   
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Social Content Creation

Used by over 1,000+ happy customers

Social media is a crucial part of your marketing, especially if you’re looking to get attention and build awareness. The first step in building a solid presence on social media is sharing high-quality and visually-appealing content regularly. 

Content Marketing

Used by over 400+ happy customers

Creating content enables you to build relationships and create loyalty and trust with your current customers and prospects. Moreover, well-done content generates traffic to your website and becomes a key factor in your lead generation process. 

Article Writing

Starting at: $129/ month


Starting at: $129/ one-time only

Guide Creation

Starting at: $499/ guide

Engaged Growth

Used by over 300+ happy customers

Fostering 1-on-1 relationships to build a community around your business pays off! A community is not only a great source of feedback but also, if built right, you can turn your audience into paying customers and later on loyal advocates. 

Acquisition & Amplification

Used by over 100+ happy customers

Paid efforts not only amplify your reach & enable you to share your message across several channels, but they also fit any budget and are easy to measure. Plus, you get access to specific targeting criteria. 

Ads Management

Starting at: $299/ month

Getting Started - Optional

Whether you’re looking to migrate all your content to SocialBee or you’re looking to start fresh, we can help you out with the initial set-up. From transferring all your content and previous settings to SocialBee, to putting together a schedule for you, you can count on us!

Concierge Migration

Starting at: $199/ one-time only

Concierge Onboarding

Starting at: $199/ one-time only

The team at SocialBee is really good at content creation via their Concierge services, and this gave me stress-free social media posts for all my social profiles.
Stephanie Somerset
BAS agent/Bookkeeper/Principal, Somerset Bookkeeping
Since working with SocialBee’s Concierge services I’m less stressed about social media and I’m getting more likes and follows as a result of being consistent. I have seen my likes and follows increase. I’ve also been getting additional comments in person on my posting.
Owner/Creator, Drop it Baby
Since working with SocialBee Concierge, I’m getting good engagement (likes, comments) on my social posts and people have also contacted me offline to let me know they’re seeing me everywhere and enjoying my daily posts.
Caroline Labour
Money Mindset Expert, Personal Empowerment Academy

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