Content Curation

You don’t want to be like a sleazy car salesman and only talk about yourself. Especially not on social.

So you’d want to also share other valuable 3rd party curated content, but you don’t have the time or don’t know how to find the best curated content.

But have no fear – we’re here to help.

We curate content, just for you, on a weekly basis, focusing on the specific keywords and topics provided by you.

This way, you’ll bring great value to your target audience, while saving lots of time.

Content Curation

$ 49 per Month
  • 14 curated articles/ week
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What to Expect?

 How does this work?

We’ll send you the Intake Form
Step #1
After you purchase the service we will send you an intake form you’ll have to fill in. It contains several questions about your business and your goals.
We’ll send you the Intake Form
Designated Bee
Step #2
A designated bee will be assigned to you after you fill in the Intake, and they will get in touch with you to let you know more about your first round of curated content.
Designated Bee
Sit back and Relax
Step #3
You'll receive weekly new content from your designated bee: 14 curated articles. You can just sit back and relax, we've got you covered.
Sit back and Relax
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SocialBee is, by far, the best social media platform I have worked with. The curated content and customer service options are superior and have made the task of engaging with potential clients online more fun.

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What’s the intake form?

The intake form is a small form that we ask our Concierge customers to fill out, so we can provide the best services. Shortly after you fill out the intake form and you become a customer, we’ll email you the link.

Depending on the service you have, the form will differ, but the main idea is for us to get a better understanding of your business and your needs.

Don’t worry – filling out the form is quick and fun.

How long does it take from the time I pay until the time it’s all running?

It usually takes less than one workday for us to email you and ask for the intake form responses, plus any other questions we might have.

Then, it all depends on how quickly you fill out the intake form. If you know your market well, it takes 10-15 minutes at the most.

Once we have your replies, it usually takes us between one and two workdays to get it all set up. It all depends on the complexity of your account and if we have follow-up questions or not.

So, all in all, the entire process usually takes a couple of workdays from pay to yey!

Is this generic “industry” content, or is this only for me?

You’re unique and we treat you as such.

So we don’t pull your curated content from an “industry bucket”, but rather curate content – based on our research and the info you have provided us.

What does Per Business mean?

Per Business means that we can add the same content across all the different social profiles that you have for that specific business (and make small changes to accommodate each social network) at no extra cost.

So, if you have e.g. a Twitter profile, a Facebook page, and a LinkedIn profile for Company A, plus your personal LinkedIn profile, and you want to publish the same content (maybe with small tweaks) on all of them, we can do so at no extra cost.

But, in case you also have Company B, and would want different content share on its socials, you would need to buy an additional concierge service for it if you want us to handle it.

Basically, if it’s for the same “brand” and you can use the content on all of those profiles, you don’t need to pay extra. If we have to create different content for each of them, then it’s extra for each.

If I have multiple businesses, will my content get mixed up?

Not at all.

We use the categories and individual schedule to make sure each content is assigned to the right social profile(s) and it’s published individually, whenever it’s needed.

So you can have as many different businesses as you want within the same SocialBee account, and be able to manage them all individually from a central location.

What’s the difference between the Content Curation and the Social Media Specialist?

With the Content Curation Specialist, we find new curated (3rd party) content for you on a weekly basis and we add as copy the articles’ headlines with hashtags, but we don’t create other types of posts.

We might have created promotional, branded quotes, and other type of content, as a part of a Concierge Onboarding, but that’s a one time thing.

If you want all of your content refreshed on a regular basis, the Social Media Specialist is the right choice for you.

If you just need additional curated content to augment your already existing content, this Content Curation service is the way to go.

What type of content do you find?

Based on our research and the keywords you provided we look for articles that have many shares and so are proven to be loved on social – but not too old and so we make sure they did not run their course yet.

How do you find this content?

It’s not a one size fits all solution.

We use a variety of tools – free, paid, and internal, plus multiple internal procedures to find the best curated content for your business.

How can I be sure you won’t share something from my competitors?

You tell us who your competitors are, and we add that to our internal “file” of your business.

Then each week we double check the content we find as well as the list of your competitors, to make sure we don’t share anything from your competitors list.

Besides, you can have control over what we share via the “Approved status” (see below).

Will I have control over what you share?

Yes, you will.

Within SocialBee, each post has an “Approved status” so if you want (based on your answers in the intake form) we can add the content as not approved, then email you so you can check it and make any changes you want before it is shared.

Usually, after a couple of rounds of feedback, we get in sync with you. And generally most customers ask us to add the content as approved going forward.

What happens if I want a different type of curated content?

Just email all your feedback to your dedicated Social Media Bee at and they will make sure we take this into account for the next round of curation.

Is this Twitter Only?

No, it’s not Twitter Only.

But as it is recommended to post more often on Twitter than on the other social networks, you need a larger number of posts. The Curated Content can help you increase your Twitter output quite a lot and provide value while staying top-of-mind with your followers.

Do I need a SocialBee Platform license?

Yes, you do need a SocialBee license for us to save the content and for you to share it across your social profiles.

Is this done by bots or humans?

This Concierge Service is done by our own team of social media specialists (or social media bees, as we like to call them).

They are humans, with hopes, dreams, and aspirations who handle your account. Real people. Homo sapiens. HI – Human Intelligence. No bots involved.

See some of them (we’re constantly growing) on our about page.

Can't I do it?

Sure you can. But should you?

How much time will it take you to get it right and how will this lack of focus affect your core business activities? Plus we really know how to find great content 😉

The business of business is business.

Let us help you find curated content for your social media profiles so you can focus on the rest. It will cost you less than your time’s worth.

Do you also create content from scratch?

Yes! We recommend the Social Media Specialist – suitable for any business that wants to have weekly posts added to their Social Media platforms and Content Writing – great for your Website’s Blog Section. 

How do I get started?

Go to the SocialBee App and create an account (or log in to your existing one).

Make sure you have your social accounts connected under your Profiles.

Go to Concierge, select the Content Curation service for the main account you want to use this for and make the payment.

Once done, we’ll get in touch to let you know what’s next. 

And if you have any other questions, you can just book a call, reach out via the chat widget or email

Have a one-on-one call with a SocialBee specialist