Content Writing

We’re probably not the first ones to tell you this but articles are quite the buzzword nowadays.

You want to make sure you keep your current customers engaged and interested? The answer is articles.

You want to convince your potential leads of your authority in a certain field? The answer is articles.

We’ve got the answer. We’ve got articles. And so can you by purchasing our weekly/ monthly content writing service.

Monthly Articles

$ 99 per Month
  • You’ll get one regular (800 to 1200 words) article per MONTH.
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Weekly Articles

$ 399 per Month
  • You’ll get one regular (800 to 1200 words) article per WEEK.
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What to Expect?

 How does this work?

We’ll send you the Intake Form
Step #1
After you purchase the service we will send you an intake form you’ll have to fill in. It contains several questions about your business and your goals.
We’ll send you the Intake Form
Website and Socials Analysis
Step #2
This is the stage in which we analyze the answers you provided us in the intake form. We’re also going to make attentive notes while examining the your digital presence.
Website and Socials Analysis
Client Brief
Step #3
The purpose of this document is to clear out the road between what you want out of our services and how you can swiftly obtain it. It basically consists of relevant keyword research, buyer persona(s) profiling and formulating 10 engaging blog titles.

*We'll deliver the Client Brief in the first week of your service, and starting with the following week you'll be receiving the articles.

Client Brief
Designated Bee
Step #4
You get introduced to your assigned Content Writing Bee. They will be the ones in charge of delivering your weekly/ monthly articles. Also, think of them as your go-to for anything related to the creation of your articles.
Designated Bee
The Articles
Step #5
The articles will be crafted according to the information contained by the brief. But if you happen to get an idea of a specific topic that you’d like addressed, do let your Content Writing Bee know and they can make it happen.
The Articles
Sit back and Relax
Step #6
Also, we want our writing to reflect your vision. Thus, we're responsive to feedback and open to editing every article that we produce for you. Any edits you request on a week's piece will be delivered along with your next article.
Sit back and Relax
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The SocialBee Content Writing service is essential to our business. The SocialBee team helps us explain to the world in simple and effective words how are we helping our clients. But more importantly, they tell the story of our clients to inspire other entrepreneurs to take action and to build something awesome.

Download Writing Sample

See some of the articles we created by downloading a Writing Sample below.


Who writes this content?

Our amazing content writing bees.

These are real humans (we did not manage to train actual bees to write as well, yet) with experience in content writing and who are guided by an editor who helps them craft the best content for you.

Will I have control over what’s created?

Yes, you will.

Once we finish the 1st draft (actually it’s more like the 2nd, as we first do internal editing and review before sending it to you), we send you the new article via a Google Doc file, so you can easily comment and give us any feedback you might have.

Usually, after a couple of rounds of feedback, we get in sync with you, and most customers have little to no comments going forward.

What happens if I want some changes made?

You just comment directly in the Google Docs article or email us. Just email your dedicated Content Writer Bee at and they’ll take care of it.

How come I should just use

We use a ticketing system behind our shared email, so we can easily manage our workflow, assign each email to the right bee, and work together as a team whenever it’s needed.

This way, when your designated bee is on holiday (yes, even bees need some time off from time to time), another bee can take over and have the full context of your business.

Plus, whenever there’s a need, we can jump on a video call with you. Just let us know.

Is this generic “industry” content, or is this only for me?

You’re unique and we treat you as such.

The strategy and content are 100% tailored to your needs based on your existing content (mostly your website and other materials you can share) and your responses in the intake form.

Where can I use the content you deliver via the Content Writing (Articles) service?

We usually deliver the articles in a Google Doc (this way you can also easily provide exact feedback). You can then use the content as you want.

Most of our customers use this:

  • as a blog (aka article) on their own website
  • in a newsletter
  • or even as a guest post on another website.

Just make sure you let us know if they are not intended as blog posts for your website, so we can craft the article to suit your needs.

What’s the difference between the Content Writing (Articles) and the Social Media Specialist?

With the Content Writing (Articles) we write long-form (about 1000 words) articles that you can use on your blog, newsletter, or anywhere you’d like.

With the Social Media Specialist, we write (usually short) social media posts that get shared on your social profiles.

What’s the difference between Content Writer One Article per MONTH and Content Writer One Article per WEEK?

The only difference between these two services is the number of articles you get each month. Well, that and the price.

With the One Article per MONTH option, you get just that. One article each month. So if you would use this service for a full year, you’d get 12 articles.

With the One Article per WEEK option, you get, again, just that. One article each week. Depending on the month, this means that some months you’ll get 4 articles and in others, you might get 5. So if you would use this service for a full year, you’d get 52 articles.

What’s the intake form?

The intake form is a small form that we ask our Concierge customers to fill out, so we can provide the best services. Shortly after you fill out the intake form and you become a customer, we’ll email you the link.

Depending on the service you have, the form will differ, but the main idea is for us to better understand your business and your needs.

How long does it take from the time I pay until the time it’s all running?

It usually takes less than one workday for us to email you and ask for the intake form responses, plus any other questions we might have.

Then, it all depends on how quickly you fill out the intake form. If you know your market well, it takes 10-15 minutes at the most.

Once we have your replies, we get you the first deliverables (Content Marketing Roadmap and/or the first article) within a week.

So, all in all, the entire process usually takes less than a week from pay to yey!

How can this be so accommodating?

We’re using internal trainings, tools, and procedures to really streamline our content creation activities. We’ve removed most of the overhead regular agencies have, and this allows us to offer this service at a convenient price.

Do I need a SocialBee Platform license?

No, you don’t. Though the platform would help you with posting on social media 😉

But if you want to use this service without having a SocialBee license, email us before so we can set that up for you.

The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging will help you build authority in your industry

Writing valuable, educational and interesting articles is one of the best ways to establish yourself or your brand as an expert in your field. Blogging really gives you the possibility to share relevant industry-related information/insight to your readers as well as address pain points.

Blogs can generate social media shares & backlinks

The blogging benefits from social media shares are becoming more and more important when it comes to SEO. Therefore publishing blogs on your website and sharing them on your social media platform/s can open up opportunities to reach a wider audience while triggering search signals as well.

Blogging helps bring traffic to your website and increases engagement

The time spent by visitors on your web pages will generate leads and increase your brand’s position.

Blogging facilitates valuable discussion with your customers

Blogging gives businesses the opportunity to connect with customers/prospects through conversation. By having a blog page you show your visitors that you’re open to comments, you are interested in their feedback and even criticisms. And by getting feedback and comments, you’ll learn what’s on the minds of your prospects – which is ‘marketing gold’ really.

Blogging allows you to create fresh content

Google loves to see new content being added to your website on a regular basis – and it even rewards the websites that do that with better visibility. And that’s exactly what you need: visibility.

Blogs create opportunities for internal linking

Internal linking is important because it helps your individual blog posts and other pages to rank better in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Internal linking improves SEO, but it also helps to improve user experience by making your website much easier to navigate.

Blogging allows you to increase the use of your targeted keywords

Using way too many keywords on your pages will not benefit your search ranking. However, with blogging, you have the opportunity to increase the number of times you can use your main/targeted keywords.

Blogging allows you to get creative with your articles

Once you have some articles on your blog page, you can repurpose them to create guides; or you can use them to attract people to subscribe to your newsletter. Not to mention that you can actually transform the information used in your article into a Newsletter format that you could send out to your subscribers.

So, basically, blogs are a great way to:

  • directly engage your target audience
  • educate, inform, address pain points and bring solutions
  • launch products or services (promotions)
  • make your website more interactive
  • attract your ideal customers and transform them into loyal customers
  • create an opportunity for discussions and gain feedback through comments
  • boost your authority and influence in your industry

How do I get started?

Go to the SocialBee App and create an account (or log in to your existing one).

Make sure you have your social accounts connected under your Profiles.

Go to Concierge, select the Content Writing service for the main account you want to use this for and make the payment

Once you’re done, we’ll get in touch to get you started.

And if you have any other questions, you can just book a call, reach out via the chat widget
or email us at

Have a one-on-one call with a SocialBee specialist