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Did you know that Instagram has become “the new home for brands”? 

Even more, Instagram is predicted to become one of the most influential marketing platforms in the world, with 1 billion people using it every month. Impressive, right?

Therefore, especially if you’re building a personal brand, or are in the B2C space, you MUST be on Instagram! It’s time to build an engaged & loyal audience that will be ready to buy and provide new opportunities for you.  

No worries, we’re here to help. With the IG Community Management service we make sure to create stronger bonds with your current fans, while also attracting new people and convert them into clients.  

Starting at

$99/Mo per Business

Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What to Expect?


We find the right people for you. We engage with them. You get noticed.


We also like to call it GEM:

  1. Growing: Grow your brand by tracking conversations that are relevant to you. 
  2. Engaging: Start conversations and keep them alive by engaging with customers and prospects. 
  3. Measuring: Analyze every month how your brand is perceived and improve constantly the way we target people and how we engage with your audience.

IG Community Management Medium
(Interactions with about 100 new people each week)

$99/Mo per Business

Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

IG Community Management Large
(Interactions with about 200 new people each week)

$199/Mo per Business

Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

With this service you’ll be able to: 

  • Network with other brands and partner with them.
  • Grow your reach, influence and profile’s exposure.
  • Turn users into loyal fans.
  • Be the coolest voice in a comments section.
  • Get attention from your target audience.
  • Win over prospective customers.

How does this actually work?

We act as a team member and implement a grass-roots strategy to grow your account organically.

We analyze your Instagram account’s current state by looking at: 

  • Your content: Is it enough? Does it content have a consistent color palette?
  • Bio description: Is the whole bio accurate and does it explain what the brand is & does? 
  • Profile picture: Is the profile picture added? 
  • Username: Is the Instagram username the same as the business’ name and if not, is it easy to find and relevant to the brand’s name?

Based on the analysis, we start engaging with people by liking some of their photos, commenting and following them. 

We plan to start with a lower number of accounts in the beginning to protect your account and to tweak our process for your account. We then increase the number each day until we reach the desired weekly interactions number. 

At the end of each month, we will send you a report with the numbers and statistics for your account and also, if needed, new strategies to improve the metrics. 

AND..The best part: we don’t use bots or automation! We want to keep your account safe and make it grow naturally.

We can discuss more over email (, but whenever it is needed, you can jump on a call with your dedicated Social Media Specialist. 

What do we need from you?


  • We’ll ask you to fill out a small intake form, so that we know more details about your target audience, your tone, voice, special requests.
  • To securely share your Instagram credentials with us (via LastPass or via email).
  • As we use various actions such as liking, commenting, following, DMing people on your behalf, please let us know if you don’t want us to incorporate any of these actions. 

Please bear in mind that we might get some specific questions in the comments that we don’t know how to answer. In this case, we will email you to ask for further details.  

The number of our followers doubled since we subscribed to the service. We are about to reach our follower growth goal for the year!

This service is a solution that maintains a constant and healthy follower growth and allows me to concentrate on other aspects of our Social Media program.

Gina Vence


What you should consider before buying the service:


This service is 100% done by hand by our team. No bots involved. You can think of us as an extension of your team. 

Instagram generally works great as a branding & community-builder channel, but also as a sales and traffic-generating channel. This means that you can boost traffic or conversions through Instagram too, the success of this being conditioned by:

The kind of services/ products that you offer & how you present them to the world: we can all agree that Instagram is a visual platform, people spend a lot of time on it to get inspired, to see beautiful pictures and why not get some cool, new info. Therefore, come aboard if you truly believe that you’re well placed when it comes to visuals and the message that you are sending. And if you don’t, have a look at our Social Media Specialist service, as we might be able to help with that.


You should have some good content posted on your Instagram account before we start doing the IG Community Management: it’s the chronological order of doing things, the content that you have posted on your account will be seen by the people that we engage with, therefore, an account with 0-10 posts has a lower chance to receive any reactions back.

 How old & active the account is: a good example would be a new account that hasn’t been active – it’s difficult to start performing too many actions at once (Instagram will flag this as strange behavior and the account risks to get blocked for a short period of time). The key is: gradual, organic growth.

Just engaging with people does not guarantee a boost in sales or a boost in the number of followers that you have: however, what’s guaranteed is an increase in the weekly number of viewers of your account. Why? It’s simple! As we will start engaging with new people, you’ll appear in their notification, they’ll probably be curious to see who you are and they’ll do that by checking out your profile. At this point, it’s crucial to have a great Instagram profile. It’s important to have good content, a great looking feed, and relevant messages. All these factors will influence them to remember you, follow you back, and send you positive feedback OR ignore you. It’s that simple.

If you have very specific targeting criteria the growth process can be slowed down quite a bit: as we will do everything manually for you, Instagram limits us to certain searches. Don’t worry, we have different plays we use to make the growth possible.  However, based on your targeting criteria, they’re capable of delivering results only up to a certain extent. Our recommendation is to start with more general targeting criteria and adapting it in time, rather than going into too many details that will slow down the process.


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IG Community Management FAQ

What kind of results can we expect with this service?

Instagram has certain limitations when it comes to the number of follows, likes, comments you (or we on your behalf) can make per hour and per day. Those limitations vary also depending on the account’s size, how old the account is, how active the account is and lastly, the kind of content that’s published. 

Based on those limitations, we will interact with new people that might be interested in your account, they may check out your profile after we appear in their notification and decide to follow you and interact with you. 

Plus, the results can vary a lot based on the quality of your profile but also on the domain/industry you operate in. So… It depends.

It would be premature to name some numbers and make early estimations right now, the evolution can be estimated once that we start and see exactly how your account performs. 

You can read more on Instagram’s community guidelines here.

What are the KPIs for this service?
  • an increase in the number of followers,
  • overall higher engagement for the account & posts,
  • more weekly visits on your profile.

Those things depend on how old & active the account is, the type of content that you post, how wide is your targeting criteria. 

However, it will be a good thing to have new people finding out about you each day. Even if they don’t follow back, they know about your existence and we take them from the top of the funnel (cold audience) to the middle of the funnel and try to convert them into warm audiences by engaging & re-engaging with them.

What do you guys do differently? 
  1. We do the growth is 100% by hand, NO bots involved; you can think of us as an extension of your team.
  2. We engage with users on a more personal level, trying to create a connection with them, rather than just exchanging likes or follows.
  3. We have several actions involved: likes, comments, follows;  to put it in other words, we do our best to be authentic and act as regular users do on Instagram.
  4. The main purpose of this service is to grow a community before anything else; a community that will support your brand’s growth and that engages constantly with you on Social Media.
It appears that when you login in from wherever you are in the world it’s easy for IG to figure out it isn’t me. Why?

When we’ll first log in you’ll receive such a message, as it is a location that is new to your Instagram account. You’ll just need to confirm that it was you (well, us, but for you). After the 1st log in this message appears only as a safety measure and it’s not an issue for your account.

Can my account get blocked, locked or suspended? Why do I need to set up a new password for my Instagram?

Instagram has certain limitations when it comes to the number of follows, likes, comments we can give per hour and per day. Those limitations vary also depending on the account’s size, how old the account is, how active. Based on those limitations, Instagram can temporarily lock your account or ask you to change the password. 

All of the above can be possible factors for Instagram to block or lock your account. You’re not the only one that is happening this to. However, if Instagram will notice that you’re constantly active and the likelihood for this to happen to you will decrease. 

For bigger accounts, this happens less often, as Instagram sees the big accounts as active accounts. No account got ever suspended because of using this service, so no need to worry. 

Growing an account is challenging, but when you want to make an omelet you need to break some eggs. That being said, we highly recommend that you don’t give up after some obstacles that appear along the way. This is what grass roots marketing is all about: perseverance and consistency. 

How can I track my results?

We will keep track of the actions taken from your account each week and we will send you a monthly report with stats & actions taken from your account while we did the growth. 

Of course, it is expected for you to see movement on your account, better performing posts, increased number of viewers per each week. (you can check out those things by looking at your notifications or the insights section for your Instagram account)

Do I risk to look too pushy with this service? 

There will be people that won’t respond to your approach and even be against it, but looking at the bigger picture, your business grows and you get a chance to reach out to a bigger audience that loves what you do and they deserve to get to know you. When 1 leaves, 10 more might come instead. 

Can’t I do this myself?

Of course, you can. Many of our customers start by taking such actions themselves and then outsource this to us later on so they can focus on their core business.

Also, we keep testing different growth scenarios (plays as we like to call them) on a multitude of accounts and have obtained great insight into how you can maximize the usage of Instagram. Also, all the work is 100% done by humans trained to use the best targeting formulas for your account. 

Can’t I hire someone to do it?

Of course you can. But you’ll need to find someone who knows the best and newest techniques so you can then train them, replace them when they are on holiday or if they decide to leave and so on. We do all of this for you.

What’s the intake form?

The intake form is a small form that we ask our Concierge customers to fill out, so we can provide the best services. Shortly after you fill out the intake form and you become a customer, we’ll email you the link.

Depending on the service you have, the form will differ, but the main idea is for us to better understand your business and your needs. Don’t worry – filling out the form is quick and’s quick and fun to fill out.


How long does it take from the time I pay until the time it’s all running?

It usually takes less than one workday for us to email you and ask for the intake form responses, plus any other questions we might have. Then, it all depends on how quickly you fill out the intake form. If you know your market well, it takes 10-15 minutes at the most.

Once we have your replies, it usually takes us between one and two workdays to get it all set up. It all depends (depending) on the complexity of your account and if we have follow-up questions or not.

So, all in all, the entire process usually takes a couple of workdays from pay to yey!

How come I should just use

We use a ticketing system behind our shared email, so we can easily manage our workflow, assign each email to the right bee, and work together as a team whenever it’s needed.

This way, when your designated bee is on holiday (yes, even bees need some time off from time to time), another bee can take over and have the full context of your business.

Plus, whenever there’s a need, we can jump on a video call with you. Just let us know.

Do I need a SocialBee Platform license?

No, you don’t. Though the platform would help you with posting on social media 😉

But if you want to use this service without having a SocialBee license, email us before so we can set that up for you.

How do I get started?

To get started:

    1. Go to the SocialBee App and create an account (or log in to your existing one).
    2. Make sure you have your Instagram account connected under your Profiles.
    3. Go to Concierge, select the IG Community Management service for the account you want to use this for and make the payment.

Once done, we’ll get in touch in max one workday to get you started. If you have any other questions, you can just book a call, reach out via the chat widget, or email


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