SocialBee Twitter Growth Specialist

Your Twitter account is not growing. And so your tweets go in vain.

You keep posting on Twitter. But there’s almost no change in the numbers of your followers.

Indeed, unless you’re a President or some viral sensation, growing a Twitter account is not as easy as posting great content. Not anymore, anyway.

But have no fear – we’re here to help.

Get in front of other relevant accounts (by following them) and provide value. This will help you grow your following in no-time.

And, guess what?

Through our Twitter Growth Concierge Service we do just that – grow your account on Autopilot while staying compliant with Twitter’s Terms of Service.

$49/Mo per Twitter account

Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Anytime.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What to Expect?

You’ll get your own dedicated social media bee (and yes, this is a real human being 🙋).

So, basically, you’ll have one of our colleagues handling this service – someone you can get in touch with through email if you want to do any changes to your growth strategy.

Expect between 100 and 1000+ new real, relevant, targeted followers/month.

How does this actually work?

Once you buy this service, we start our own research. Additionally we’ll email you (generally within a few hours) and ask you to fill out a small intake form in which you’ll be able to tell us a bit more about your target audience.

Every day, we manually follow a few hundred relevant Twitter accounts, give them three to seven days to follow you back, and unfollow the ones that don’t bring any value.

This work (the following and unfollowing) is done by our own team of social media specialists. They are humans, with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. 🙎 No bots involved. So you’ll be compliant with Twitter’s Term of Services.

What do we need from you?

  • You’ll need to connect your Twitter account to SocialBee (we do not need to know your username and password).
  • We’ll do our own research, but we’ll also ask you to fill out a small intake form. This will help us know more about your target audience and how to find the best accounts we can manually follow on your behalf.
  • Sit back, relax, and watch your account grow.

Since using SocialBee, I’ve grown my audience, reached more people more regularly, and have a more loyal following.

Jim Cathcart

Leadership Development, Speaker/Author, TEDx Top 1%, Cathcart Institute


What’s the intake form?

The intake form is a small form that we ask our Concierge customers to fill out, so we can provide the best services. Shortly after you fill out the intake form and you become a customer, we’ll email you the link.

Depending on the service you have, the form will differ, but the main idea is for us to get a better understanding of your business and your needs.

Don’t worry – filling out the form is quick and fun.

How long does it take from the time I pay until the time it’s all running?

It usually takes less than one workday for us to email you and ask for the intake form responses, plus any other questions we might have.

Then, it all depends on how quickly you fill out the intake form. If you know your market well, it takes 10-15 minutes at the most.

Once we have your replies, it usually takes us between one and two workdays to get it all set up. It all depends on the complexity of your account and if we have follow-up questions or not.

So, all in all, the entire process usually takes a couple of workdays from pay to yey!

Are these real followers?

We strive to only follow real Twitter accounts.

We don’t sell you any “fake followers” which bring nothing more than inflated following numbers. It’s not that kind of a service.

Our algorithms do their best to filter out any spam, bots, or shady accounts before we follow them. Still, some might slip through our filtering. If this will happens, please do let us know ( so we can keep improving our algorithm.

How do you find my target audience?

We research your competition and target the market.’Also, by using your responses from the intake form and by applying our own filters we are able to find the best accounts to follow.

We usually follow the followers of other accounts, those who are already followed by your target audience – competitors, influencers in your industry, or any other accounts that have the audience you’re targeting.

We also follow people who are are using specific keywords when tweeting and get to follow them as well. This is where the location filter works really well.

Additionally, we can find people who are using specific keywords in their bio. We can even follow people from a list you provide to us – e.g. if you have their Twitter handles in your CRM.

What can I do to increase the numbers of followers?

The number of people who will follow you back depends on many factors – one of them being how much they like your profile.

So, keeping your profile interesting, up to date, and without too much self-promotion will get more people to follow you (back).

And, if you need help with the content as well, check out our Social Media Specialist or Content Curation concierge service.

How can I track the progress?

We use SocialBee’s Grow features to manage this, so you can track everything we do in order to grow your Twitter account in the Growth Dashboard.

Will you unfollow my mom (or other accounts I’ve personally followed)?

Well, if she’s not following you back – why would we not unfollow her? :))

When we start this process, we unfollow all your non-followers (people who you follow but they are not following you back) – because they simply don’t bring that much value.

However, if you want to keep following somebody even if they don’t follow you back, just add them to our built-in Whitelist. Or, simply let us know so we can do that on your behalf.

Will I still be able to see my Twitter feed?

Yes. But it’s gonna be quite a different feed from the one you’re used to.

As we’ll follow a lot of new accounts and maybe unfollow a lot of the ones you currently follow, your Twitter feed might end up being quite different. Maybe you’ll even find new, exciting profiles!

If you want to keep seeing your current feed, we recommend creating a different account, or a Twitter list of the accounts you’re currently following and use that as your new feed.

Do you tweet on my behalf?

No. Well, not through the Twitter Growth service. If you want us to also help with tweeting, check out our Social Media Specialist or Content Curation concierge services.

Can my account be locked?

It’s unlikely. Yet, it can happen. But no worries – there’s an easy fix for it.

We have all sorts of tools and processes to decrease the likelihood of your account being locked. However, due to the fact that we follow a few hundred relevant accounts each day, Twitter might see this as an unusual activity and might temporarily lock your account.

If this happens, don’t worry.

All you have to do is log in to and change your password (we don’t need to know the new password either) to unlock your account. Once done, we’ll decrease the number of follows over the next few days to decrease the likelihood of a new lock.

Can I still follow and unfollow some Twitter accounts?

Of course you can.

Just please be aware that if you follow somebody, you don’t add them to the Whitelist, and they don’t follow you back within 3 days – we will most likely unfollow them. So, make sure you also add the people you want to follow to the SocialBee Whitelist, if you don’t want us to unfollow them.

What if I have multiple Twitter accounts?

As we have to manually do the following and unfollowing for each account, this service is $49/Month per account.

But you can use the Twitter Growth service for as many profiles as you want and we’ll treat them all individually.

Can I also do this myself?

Yes, you can just use your SocialBee account and the techniques described in our Twitter Growth Guide to do the growth yourself.

But be advised that it’s quite time consuming due to Twitter limitations of how many actions you can take in a 20-minutes interval.

So, we suggest letting us grow your account on your behalf so you’ll have the time to grow your business. Or play charades. We might be biased, though, so it’s up to you.

Is this Twitter only?

It is, but we do offer similar concierge packages for LinkedIn Growth.

Is this done by bots or humans?

This Concierge Service is done by our own team of social media specialists (or social media bees, as we like to call them).

Those who handle your account are humans, with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Real people. Homo sapiens. HI – Human Intelligence. No bots involved.

See some of them (we’re constantly growing) on our about page.

Do I need a SocialBee Platform license?

Not necessarily. You can also use the Growth Concierge without any extra paid SocialBee platform.

But in that case, you won’t be able to do content posting or automatic engagement with your new followers, but we will be able to grow your audience.

How do I get started?

To get started:

    1. Go to the SocialBee App and create an account (or log in to your existing one).
    2. Make sure you have your social accounts connected under your Profiles.
    3. Go to Concierge, select the Twitter Growth service and make the payment.

Once done, we’ll get in touch in max one workday to get you started.

And if you have any other questions, you can just book a call, reach out via the chat widget or email


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