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The Best Content Mix Through Category Based Scheduling

You should post a mix of various types of content on all your social profiles. Nobody likes it if you’re too self-promotional or only post a specific type of content. In SocialBee you assign each post to a specific content category, so then it’s easy for you to schedule based on categories, rather than individual posts. Your feed has never looked better!

Save Time With Evergreen Posting

Don’t waste time scheduling the same posts again and again. Be it for your blog posts that you spent so much time crafting, for the curated content you found, or for those nice timeless quotes, if a content category is set to be Evergreen, we’ll keep recycling that content until you want to, so you don’t have to reschedule it, and so your social profiles will never be empty again.

Expire Evergreen Posts at a Specific Date

Do you want to promote a specific event? Well, there’s no point in posting about it once it’s over. With expiring posts you can easily say you want posts to only be posted until a specific date.

Expire Evergreen Posts After a Specific Number of Posts

Don’t want to keep sharing a post forever? You think that three (or any other number of) times is enough to make a point? Just make the post expire after a specific number of times it was posted, and don’t worry about unscheduling it manually.

Have the Best Post for Each Social Network With Post Variants (Coming Soon)

Tweak each post so it best fits the best practices for each network, but still keep it linked to a common post.



Post Directly on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business

With SocialBee, you can post directly on Twitter (Profiles), Facebook (Profiles, Pages you manage, and Groups you’re an Administrator of), LinkedIn (Profiles and Company Pages you’re an Administrator of) and Google My Business (Locations you’re an Administrator of). Your posts will look great on all the platforms!

Post on Instagram using our Mobile app or through our Buffer or Hootsuite Integrations

You can post on Instagram via Notifications, by using our mobile app (currently in an invite-only Beta). Get in touch with us if you want to be a part of the beta!
Alternatively, you can post on Instagram by connecting your profile to your Buffer (even a Free Buffer account will do) or Hootsuite account, and then to SocialBee.

Post on Pinterest using our Hootsuite Integration

You can post to Pinterest by connecting your profile to your Hootsuite account, and then to SocialBee.

Full Control with Separate Schedule for Each Profile

Make sure you don’t mix-up your posts and that you have full control over what and when gets posted on each social profile.

Even Better Control with Category Sequence

You know the exact sequence you want to use to post on your profiles? Easily set it up through Category Sequences.

See All Future Posts in a Visual Calendar

See on a calendar-like view which are the exact posts you’ll share next so you can make sure there’s a good balance and no empty spots.

Use Share Once Categories for Ephemeral Posts

Not all posts are meant to be recycled and shared again. Set a Content Category to Share Once if it has posts that are time sensitive, news, or if you just feel it’s enough to just share them once.

Post Time Sensitive Content at Specific Time

Need to have an exact post that’s posted at a very specific time? You can easily do so – and then either add it to an Evergreen Content Category for recycling or just share it that one time and it’s done.

Post Previews

Not all surprises are good. See exactly how each post will look like on each social network.


Easy Import & Editing

Automatically Import New Articles or Blog Posts through RSS Import

Import RSS feeds from any blog or site that has RSS functionality so whenever there’s a new article or blog post a new post is created automatically. You have full control over how the post is created – for which social profiles, under which category, if it’s automatically approved or added as a draft, and more.

Import the Articles You Find Through Pocket

Found an article you would want to share with your audience? Just save it to your Pocket. Use the different tags to control what gets shared where. You have full control over how the post is created – for which social profiles, under which category, if it’s automatically approved or added as a draft, and more.

Import Your Existing Content Through a CSV Upload

Effortlessly import lots of your existing content via a CSV file.

Import Multiple Links At Once

Have lots of links you’d like to import at once? Easily do so with the Links Import functionality.

Use Draft Posts For Better Quality Control

Working in a team and posts need approval? Not yet sure about a post? Or want to just save it for later? Just mark a post as not approved (draft) to do so.

Make Changes to Multiple Post At Once With The Bulk Editor

We know time is precious. That’s why we built the Bulk Editor – so you can easily make changes to multiple posts at once. You’ll be able to assign posts to other profiles; approve or un-approve; delete; and more.


Custom URLs & Tracking

Make URLs Short and Sweet With Our Short URL Domains

Make your links short by using our own URL shorteners. Your links will be short and sweet.

Get Both Looks and Brains with Rebrandly’s URL Shortening

Connect your Rebrandly account to get Your Brand on Your Links. Access all their stats and link pixeling functionality.

Your Own Bitly Account URL Shortening

Connect your own Bitly account to shorten the links through Bitly.

Track Results Through Category Based UTM Settings

Set custom UTM and Ref parameters in each content category for optimal tracking of the links you use. It even works together with URL shortening.

Get Email Notifications of All The Important Things

We won’t really notify you of any major world events, but you can choose to be notified when a post fails, when an import is completed, a category becomes empty, and more.


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