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AMA (Ask Me Anything)

What is AMA? How to use AMA? Should I host an AMA session?

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything” – an interactive exchange of questions and answers where the interviewees can be either a famous person or someone who works in an interesting field or a line of work that the public generally has little to no visibility into.

The concept is meant to provoke curiosity and open up a dialogue (with the major focus being placed on the interviewee) that can offer you unique insight on a wide audience, a variety of different topics, ranging from life as a celebrity to working as a neurosurgeon or as part of the film industry.

Moreover, AMA is also widely used by influencers as an interactive method of connecting with their target audience. Fans are allowed to ask questions regarding their private lives or their line of work and are able to connect on a more personal level with their favorite icons.

The model has been adopted by several online channels and has been adapted in order to successfully meet the needs of each platform.

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One of the platforms where the AMA format has gained most traction has been on Reddit, where hundreds of celebrities or people with high-end jobs or working in intriguing fields have organized AMAs where redditors can ask them anything they would like to know about their line of work or what a day in their life is like.

Other uses for AMAs include in live sessions or on social media channels like Instagram. The latter usually means that influencers can add Q&A times on their stories and engage with their followers more directly.

Although AMAs were initially designed for regular citizens and celebrities only made occasional guest appearances, the format has evolved over time so that now it is geared mostly towards people who have built a reputation for themselves in the public eye or in a specific work field.

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