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Glossary Terms

Direct Message (DM)

What is a DM? How can I send a DM? Where can I see my DMs?

All social media platforms have a feature in common: Direct Message. Simply put, a Direct Message is one platform’s private messaging feature (also known as “DM”) that allows you to privately connect with anyone.

From 2015, Instagram extended new electronic messaging features: you can send photos and videos, profiles, stories, voice messages, and even make video calls. But what makes Instagram’s Direct Message any different than Snapchat or Facebook?

Instagram’s Direct Message feature has become a helpful alternative, especially for avid Instagram users – it’s, after all, one of the easiest ways of keeping in touch with your friends by sending and receiving pictures and videos all the time.

For instance, you can easily share a photo as a message to a person or even a group chat using just 1 app, instead of having to leave a comment and tag a friend in a post. From there, it is extremely easy to like a photo and go on with a conversation. This type of communication is useful because the messages are saved in your Direct folder and they do not disappear as they do on Snapchat.

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The system of Direct Messages on Instagram is less complex because instead of having to send links, screenshots, or screen records, you only need to tap on an icon and send a message, without switching apps, like you need to do when using Facebook and Messenger.

But Instagram Direct Messages can be used for achieving business objectives as well – it is easy for a company to talk to their clients in DMs: whether they want to notify them about contests, special offers, business collaboration or simply ask for feedback.

If used correctly, Instagram Direct Messaging can help any business develop and grow. In addition, Instagram Direct Messaging can build life-long connections with potential clients, influencers, or people who simply want to promote your services later on.

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