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What is a post? How much should I post? What makes a good post

The social media community has a language of its own. It’s important to know what jargon-heavy terms mean in order to fully understand the social media world and be an active part of it. We often hear the term “post.” For many people, especially social media savvy users, the meaning of this word is quite obvious.

A post is a message, such as text or photos, published online by a user while referring to a message board, comment section, or social network. A post can be your recent Instagram picture, a link to your blog that you shared via social media channels, the blog post itself, or a comment that you left on someone else’s account. All in all, a post represents a piece of content, whether written or shot via camera, that can easily be published across various social networks.

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On the other hand, it’s important to remember that not all content is relevant to every social networking site. It’s okay to share completely different posts on various platforms. This could even help you improve your engagement.

For example, if you take a look at certain Twitter and Instagram pages, you’ll find that the posts on each platform are completely different. Your message can be easily translated to a form of social media post that will get the desired result and produce a regularly engaged audience, whatever your target might be.

Finding new ideas for social media content when you have to post something on multiple platforms every day can be very challenging.

However, it is critical to provide new, high-quality content that draws the attention of users and keeps them in the loop with what they’re interested in. People will be eager to see what you are posting next, which makes them more likely to participate and stick around to see what you’re up to next that might be of interest to them.

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