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What are the trends? How can I keep up with the trends? Is following the trends beneficial?

Trends represent what’s popular at a certain point in time. A trend is a general development or change in the way people are behaving or in a certain situation. In other words, a trend is when something is changing or developing in a general direction.

We can talk about trends in various contexts. For example, social media trends refer to various trends based on content-sharing and interactions between users that appear on social media platforms. It’s important to identify social media trends for business intelligence purposes, marketing, competitive advantages, and many other business goals.

A social media trend for 2020 is that ephemeral content keeps gaining popularity. Ephemeral content refers to something that is available just for a short period of time – Instagram or Snapchat Stories are a great example of this form of content because they disappear after a certain amount of time.

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Nowadays users’ attention spans are short and they keep decreasing more and more, so the way people consume content has drastically changed over the years. This is why Instagram stories or Snapchat stories have become so popular – the content is engaging, short, and definitely addictive because it makes people spend hours mindlessly scrolling through stories.

When it comes to trends, we can also talk about a market trend, which represents the perceived direction of price movements in a certain period. These trends can be long-term, medium-term, or short-term. Generally, market trends are determined retrospectively, but if a company is proactive and it identifies a trend early, then this trend can shape the future by bringing to the market products that meet the latest demands.

Trends may have a long-term and lasting effect on businesses. The best way to predict particular market trends and their characteristics is by bringing together as many professional opinions as possible. And in order to do this, there has to be a systematic approach and methodology.

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