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What is a vlog? How do you vlog? What is vlog content?

First, you might be thinking “this word is similar to “blog”! While we totally agree, there’s quite a difference between the two terms. The distinction between a blog and a vlog is that a blog is a written piece of communication, while in a video format a vlog is made.

You’ve undoubtedly heard people debating vlogs, vlogging, and blogging. If you’re not familiar with making video content, all of the various words will make it look complicated and hazy. But the definition of vlog really is straightforward.

A vlog is a video documenting the life of a person. The word ‘film’ and ‘blog’ is a frankenword. As the name suggests, a vlog is a video blog that records the thoughts, opinions, and interests of an individual usually for internet publication and online audience.

Not only that but usually for vlogs it’s indicated that you use some background music just to set the tone. We all know how important is to have both great visuals and sounds (that you own fully + that match your visual content perfectly), for this reason, you can hire a freelancer to help you out with custom tracks. 

There are two popular types of vlogs: a ‘talking-head’ video where the camera is on a tripod and this was it can stay steady while the vlogger is talking about a certain topic or a ‘follow me around’ vlog where the vlogger takes a device and records clips with them as they go about their day or week.

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What’s the whole purpose of vlogging? Vlogging can be a fantastic way to connect with your online community and gain new fans and it can be an easy way to get your message out there if you’re not a fan of writing.

They can also serve as a way to share your artistic process or include a creative practice or subject tutorial guide. Some vloggers also use it as a way of sharing the new music or performance art they have made.

Unless you’ve already built a community elsewhere, vlogging can help you create loyalty by making more personal connections with them. And if you’re brand new to the world of media, vlogging on YouTube is a great place to start because the website is also the second largest search engine in the world.

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