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We were looking for a solution that would help us serve up the most relevant content to our audience on a consistent basis. We decided to use SocialBee because of the simplicity of the platform and the ease of use.

Katie Espinoza

Head of Brand & Operations, Rebrandly

Having the content categories, and being able to recycle content makes it possible to post more often, even if you don’t have a VA or you’re not working on it full time.

I can now live the Tim Ferriss four hour workweek life because of SocialBee.

Zachary Kyra-Derksen

Founder & Curator at Elon Musk News, Elon Musk Quotes

SocialBee helps you drastically improve the efficiency on social media channels, letting you focus on creating the content and managing leads.

Jovan Stevovic


SocialBee is a great platform which allows us to organize the content and post on multiple social platforms.

Matthias Allred

Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency

Our chain has more than doubled thanks to being able to get the word out and looking like we have more hours in the day than anyone else.

Melanie B.

Marketing Director/Store Owner, Sacred Leaf Zero

Since working with SocialBee’s Concierge services I’m less stressed about social media and I’m getting more likes and follows as a result of being consistent in posting and following SocialBee’s scheduling. I have seen my likes and follows increase. I’ve also been getting additional comments in person on my posting.


Owner/Creator, Drop it Baby

I didn’t really understand how powerful SocialBee’s scheduling was it was until I tried it a few times and had to post under different scenarios. But now that I do, I love the flexibility and power it provides me.


Owner, WinASweepstakes

SocialBee is the very best way to schedule your posts, besides having the very best customer service ever!

Michael Neuvirth

CEO, Accessible DIY

The team at SocialBee is really good at content creation via their Concierge services, and this gave me stress-free social media posts for all my social profiles.

Stephanie Somerset

BAS agent/Bookkeeper/Principal, Somerset Bookkeeping

The SocialBee content writing service is essential to our business. The SocialBee team helps us explain to the world in simple and effective words how are we helping our clients. But more importantly, they tell the story of our clients to inspire other entrepreneurs to take action and to build something awesome.

Marius Vetrici

Founder and CEO, WPRiders

SocialBee is taking the stress out of my day regarding sharing my content and my clients’ content on social media. Now it’s fun to schedule content in advance. Plus I have more time to focus on creating content rather than spending time scheduling.

Corina Manea

Digital marketer and brand strategist.,

SocialBee is a no-brainer for us. I recommend it to every agency owner as well as to any entrepreneur who wants to put their brand awareness campaigns on social media on autopilot.

Franz Sauerstein

Founder, Xciting Webdesign

SocialBee helped to free up our time as a reasonably large agency to be able to focus on the details knowing that the big picture is being covered.

Sarrah Macey

CEO, Global Superyacht Marketing

I now have a solid partnership on which to build my social media offering.

SocialBee is the best tool for managing evergreen social media posts.

Felix Clarke

Founder, OnlineBusinessBuilder

SocialBee is, by far, the best social media platform I have worked with. The curated content and customer service options are superior and have made the task of engaging with potential clients online more fun.

Kathleen Marrero

Digital Marketing Consultant & Founder, First Fig Marketing & Consulting

Since working with SocialBee, my clients are happier to be working with me, and I am winning back my time spent on organizing posts for various clients.

Iulian Haba

Owner, Sport Advisor

SocialBee makes my work easier and my clients are very satisfied with the results. Since working with SocialBee I’ve become more visible on social media.

Tobias Magnussen

Full time online nerd, TurboTobias

SocialBee is my secret weapon!

Neal Schaffer

Founder, Social Media Speaker, Author, Consultant, Educator and Influencer, Maximize Social Business

I feel like I have given more time to my clients and to my business and that I have a lot more family time because I’m not consumed in social media anymore.

SocialBee is a lifesaver, especially for those who want to really focus on the business and the things that they enjoy (like their clients), putting 100% into your clients and taking the entire social media aspect off your shoulders.

Kelley Thompson

Owner, Serenity Sleepers

I love SocialBee because it’s really easy, really simple, very friendly and I think your support is super important!

In my opinion, SocialBee is the best automatic platform to schedule, manage and share your thoughts with others on social platforms. Five out of Five!

Lahat Tzvi

Top #100 World Sales Expert, Tfisot Group

Since using SocialBee, I’ve reached more people more regularly, and have a more loyal following.

Jim Cathcart

Leadership Development, Speaker/Author, TEDx Top 1%, Cathcart Institute

Since working with SocialBee Concierge, I’m getting good engagement (likes, comments) on my social posts and people have also contacted me offline to let me know they’re seeing me everywhere and enjoying my daily posts.

Caroline Labour

Money Mindset Expert, Personal Empowerment Academy

I get great value for money from using SocialBee’s tools and services and highly recommend it to anyone looking to create a coherent social media content strategy.

Darran Butler

Owner, Thrive Velocity

SocialBee has saved me a tremendous amount of time by allowing me to easily post content across multiple social media platforms for an affordable price. They make it affordable and easy to grow your social media outreach efforts and increase the exposure of your business.

Stephen P. Shepard

Principal Attorney & Counselor at Law, The Law Office of Stephen P. Shepard, LLC

SocialBee has been reliable, user-friendly and I haven’t needed to look elsewhere since I found them. It’s helped me automate social media posts for my clients and me.

Sali Green

Owner, Cheltenham Lifestyle and Business

Since using SocialBee, I like to use social media and I don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea that I should be on social media for at least one hour a day.

Denise Hulst

Literary agent and business book coach, Denise Hulst

Since working with SocialBee, my traffic is being generated even though I am not online 24/7 (I am human after all!).

SocialBee makes my life easier, and more controllable​.

Marjorie Dawson

Owner, Dash Kitten

SocialBee made my social media life much easier.


Owner, Alef Bet by Paula

SocialBee really took the time to get to know what my needs were. I was super impressed with the first article they wrote – I only had to make a few minor tweaks.

Esther Gambrell

Owner, Shining Star Studios

My work life is a whole lot easier! It makes my side business worth doing!

Hope Eden

CEO, The Organized Therapist

I’m all about efficiency and SocialBee allows me to schedule content from a variety of sources, and distribute it across all of my channels. There is INCREDIBLE power in the curation and scheduling tools!

Mark Lavercombe

Founder, The Productive Physician

I love using Social Bee. It is easy to use and makes scheduling to social media a breeze. It has made a huge difference in my social media presence. Thanks, SocialBee for doing what you do so well.

Trish Everett

Workplace Culture Geek, Trish Everett

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