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Joint Venture

Will a joint venture bring value to us, to you, and both our users / customers?

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Special Offer for My Audience

If you have a large audience that could benefit from our tools or services, we might be able to offer them a special offer.

Interview and Content Project

Do you want to interview our CEO for your Podcast or Webinar?

Or would you want us to work on a content project together?

Accelerators and
Startup Programs

We always <3 to help other startups get started and take off.

If you run an accelerator or similar startup program we can help with special offers and potential mentorship.

Sponsor My Event

If we find that your event is a good fit for our audience, we can provide you with special licenses.

You can give them away as part of a giveaway or your (grand) prize.

Become an Affiliate Partner

Earn 20% on all the payments for the tool and 10% on the Concierge Services we get from people you sent to SocialBee.

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Refer a Friend

If you’d like to refer a friend to SocialBee and earn $50, make sure to visit this page and generate your custom link.

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