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What were the problems you were facing when you started working with SocialBee?

My business was expanding. I had gone from it being just myself as a freelance marketing consultant to needing a team which is a nice problem to have.

Previously we had been pretty much managing all of the social media organically. We hadn’t used any scheduling system at all. We were doing everything day by day. We were planning ahead the content but we were not scheduling ahead.

When it just me, I quite liked doing it that way, because I was always a little nervous of planning a bit too far ahead, not being organic, not being reactive to whatever was going on, but we were getting to the point where we were just too big to be able to manage that anymore.

What made you use SocialBee over any other products or services?

We had looked at HootSuite and briefly at Buffer. There is a limitation with everything.

With HootSuite, I liked the platform but it was just completely cost prohibitive for the level of use I wanted. It was going to be a really expensive investment that I just could not afford because of the number of different accounts that I may be doing only a small amount on.

Somebody recommended you, that’s why I got in touch with you guys so it was to potentially solve my scheduling issue.

The main thing that drew me over was that I wanted to be able to automate Twitter. And then, once we started using you, we discovered more of what you could do and really liked it.


Did you have any particular doubts or fears about working with SocialBee when you first started?

Not any major because somebody recommended you already and said they had success so I knew that you guys were legitimate.

Since working with SocialBee, what did we do particularly well?

The rolling content works really well and being able to keep things rolling, especially for Twitter and LinkedIn. That for us is great because we can just keep adding content and know that those platforms are pretty much taken care of.


What has the outcome been of you working with SocialBee?

You’ve improved my Twitter definitely. You’ve improved my LinkedIn.

You’ve given us a platform that we can do pretty much everything we wanted to do on, which is great, rather than use multiple different platforms.

You help to free up our time as a reasonably large agency to be able to focus on the details knowing that the big picture is being covered.

Sarrah Macey

CEO, Global Superyacht Marketing