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What were the problems you were facing when you started working with SocialBee?

At the very beginning, I was looking for a way to grow my newsletter.

I had a Facebook page I started. I was using Buffer to update it but it was a lot of hours of basically manual labor to find articles and quotes so I spent a good amount of time every day to keep it going.

I knew that my Facebook page would be the primary channel to build a newsletter, but managing it took a lot of time.

Once I found SocialBee, managing my social media became much easier.

After I filled the content categories and set up the calls to action for people to join the newsletter via social posting, I started getting more subscribers. I was getting about 100 subscribers a day on Facebook and Twitter.

Probably around 30% of the subscribers came from Twitter, a channel I never really thought about pursuing in the past because it seemed so much work and I did not know how to do it effectively. SocialBee helped a lot with gaining subscribers.

I don’t think my business would have succeeded at all if it wasn’t for SocialBee.

What made you use SocialBee over any other products or services?

I’ve been using Buffer for a couple of years before SocialBee and I looked into a lot of other social media platforms. I liked Buffer because the user interface is very clean, but Buffer requires a lot of work to find content and to get the right mix, as it’s all done manually.

SocialBee was amazing by being able to set on a fine level which content goes out in what order and how much of a certain type of content goes out, and being able to invest time in the beginning to create content categories and then just have them run, saves so much time.

I’ve looked a lot at all the other services out there, but there isn’t any that does it like SocialBee does it. For the type of business I run I definitely need to be able to recycle the content. That’s very important for me.

Did you have any particular doubts or fears about working with SocialBee when you first started?

I read your guide and it was really amazing. It helped me a lot, and I thought: this guy is really amazing and has given me a lot of help on this call so I’ll sign up just because I think Ovi is a cool guy so I’ll support him. So that was the reason I signed up.

And then I stayed because it worked so well for me and I ended up basically being able to build a business out of SocialBee and earning money so I can now live in Bali.

I can now live the Tim Ferriss four hour workweek life, because of SocialBee.

Since working with SocialBee, what did we do particularly well?

I can talk about the tool, but I think one thing for me you did specifically well: there were often times where I thought things that could be better for my situation with SocialBee, that could make it easier for me, and more efficient.

I know I told you a lot of things that could help me, and you guys implemented like 95% of them. That was really awesome. Your responsiveness to feedback was really really good.

And then the tool – being able to create different content categories and to be able to set them to go out at different intervals is for me really important.

Having the content categories, and being able to recycle content makes it possible to post more often, even if you don’t have a VA or you’re not working on it full time.


What could have been improved?

There were a lot of improvements I suggested over time that were implemented.

I don’t have any pain points at the moment. If I did, I would probably email you about it.

What has the outcome been of you working with SocialBee?

It enabled me to build a large email list which I was able to sell. It allows me to live off the social media postings. The tool has really enabled me to build a business that I would not have been able to build otherwise. Well, I could, but it would have been far less cost-effective. I would have had to spend money to hire a VA or spend more of my time, managing everything.

Zachary Kyra-Derksen

Founder & Curator at Elon Musk News, Elon Musk Quotes