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Supercharge your content by putting it on autopilot. Effortlessly mix your own links with other valuable content.


Get the attention of your target audience by following relevant accounts & unfollowing unfitting accounts.


Easily engage with your new followers to grow your following and bring the honey to your most engaged followers.

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Stop wasting time filling your queue

SocialBee recycles your best content,
so you can spend time on what truly matters.

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How does it work?

1. Add each new content into its right content category

Such as “Our Blog Posts”, “Curated Content”, “Quotes”, “Promo” or “Sunflower Pictures”.

2. Schedule content with categories in mind

You can either create a content category sequence or schedule a specific content at a specific time.

3. Let our bees do all the work

Enjoy some sweet honey while our bees make sure there’s always good content on all your social platforms.

Is this Twitter only?

Not at all. The evergreen content re-posting is something that you should do on all your social profiles.
It’s just that with Twitter, you can and should post more often, so it’s even most necessary there.

What if I don’t have anything to share?

We’ve got you covered. You can use our Content Curation service. Our skilled social media bees will hand curate content, just for you and your audience. Heck, they might even help you create some content of your own. Give us a buzz for more info.



Get new, real, and relevant followers

A tried & tested technique to consistently growing your Twitter following.

How does it work?

Use our tools to find relevant accounts to follow.

What does “relevant accounts” mean?

It’s either followers of a specific account (like an industry influencer, or maybe a competitor), or people tweeting about a specific topic.

You can then use various filters to make sure you’re only finding the most relevant accounts.

Don’t want to do the following yourself?

Again, we’ve got you covered. One of our hard working social media bees can manually go out and find accounts to follow, based on your exact requirements.

Can you also unfollow?

Of course. If you’re following accounts that don’t bring any value – like people not following you back, inactive accounts or robots, our tool shows them to you so you can unfollow them, if you’d like.



Engage with your new followers

Set an automated @mention and / or Direct Message to welcome your new followers.

How does it work?

Set @Mentions or Direct Messages for all the new followers you get.

You can create as many different variations of the messages as you’d like, to mix things up.

You can even add customizable variables like the follower’s first name, location city, or even the day of the week.

Use these messages to welcome them to your tribe, spark a conversation or even send them a gift.

Once you see it in action, it makes even more sense!

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