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Set It and Forget It

Automate your social media posting so you can focus on what truly matters.

Category based,
Evergreen posting

Categorize your content to save time when creating your posts.

Schedule with categories in mind, to get the best content mix across all your social profiles, just like the best social media marketers do.

Repost (recycle) your top evergreen content to save even more time.

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Add content, automagically

Use our advanced RSS functionality, multiple import features, browser extension or Zapier integration to add content to SocialBee automagically.


Or use our Social Media Specialist Concierge Service to have somebody from our team create content just for you.

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Custom URLs & Tracking

Use our or your short domains to make your links smarter and better looking at the same time.

Track your results with easily customizable UTM settings.

Pixel your audience to retarget them across the web, and more.

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Having the content categories, and being able to recycle content makes it possible to post more often, even if you don’t have a VA or you’re not working on it full time.

Zachary Kyra-Derksen

Founder & Curator at Elon Musk News, Elon Musk Quotes

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Profiles and pages







Google My Business

Google My Business


Analyze & Find your Audience

Analyze your audience, spy on your competitors, and find your target audience.

Analyze your audience

Spy on your competitors or influencers in your space and see their followers. They are clearly interested in what you’re offering.

Find the conversations that are relevant to you.

See who stopped following you to take action.

Since using SocialBee, I’ve reached more people more regularly, and have a more loyal following.

Jim Cathcart

Leadership Development, Speaker/Author, TEDx Top 1%, Cathcart Institute


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SocialBee is taking the stress out of my day regarding sharing my content and my clients' content on social media.

Now it's fun to schedule content in advance.

Plus I have more time to focus on creating content rather than spending time scheduling.

Corina Manea

Digital marketer and brand strategist.,

We were looking for a solution that would help us serve up the most relevant content to our audience on a consistent basis. We decided to use SocialBee because of the simplicity of the platform and the ease of use.

The team are really responsive and always available to help or answer questions.

Katie Espinoza

Head of Brand & Operations, Rebrandly

SocialBee is my secret weapon!

Neal Schaffer

Founder, Social Media Speaker, Author, Consultant, Educator and Influencer, Maximize Social Business

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