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Schedule Posts on Facebook!

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Sharing posts on Facebook has never been easier. SocialBee is an all-in-one social media management tool that allows you to create, edit, schedule, post, and automatically reuse your content for Facebook.

Create, Edit, and Post Content on Facebook

Post on Facebook while also managing your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business accounts.

SocialBee supports posting on Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups.

Supported Post Types

Text: Craft engaging Facebook posts to promote your business, connect with your customers, and share company and industry news.

Images: Boost your Facebook reach and engagement levels by attaching appealing visuals to your posts.

Videos: Keep your Facebook feed interesting with interactive video content.

Content Categories

Organize your posts based on content categories and schedule them to post at a specific date and time every week. 

Evergreen Content Cycle

Make the most out of your evergreen content by recycling it and posting it multiple times on your social media accounts.

RSS Import​

You can import RSS feeds from any blog or site that has an RSS functionality.

This will allow you to create a new Facebook post automatically whenever a new article is posted.

Posts Customization

Optimize your social media content by customizing your posts to fit the requirements of each platform.

Moreover, SocialBee allows users to create different variations of their evergreen content in order to avoid sharing repetitive posts.

Facebook posts
Facebook posts collage

Post Preview

See in real-time the way your Facebook posts will look before you share them with your audience.

Emoji Collection

Give your Facebook posts a little more personality.

Use emojis to make your content stand out while providing a more readable and catchy post structure.

Built-in Design Editors

Use our Canva integration to create your visuals through SocialBee.

Say goodbye to multiple annoying open tabs and welcome a more organized and easy design workflow that will save you valuable time. 

Integrated Media Editor

Add the finishing touches for your visuals directly from SocialBee.

No need to open your editing tool to crop, flip or rotate your images.

Specific Posting Times

Schedule time-sensitive content to post at a specific time of your choosing, outside your usual content category schedule. 

Posts Expiration

Set your posts to expire at a specific time or after they were published several times.

Schedule Overview

Evaluate your Facebook posting frequency by checking the content calendar section of the platform to make sure you maintain a consistent and balanced posting schedule. 

Next Posts Preview

Take a look at all your future scheduled posts from one place.

This will help you monitor your content strategy and optimize it if needed (add/delete/reschedule/edit posts).

Use SocialBee’s Integrations

With SocialBee’s multiple integrations you can gather new content ideas, improve the way you publish content, and customize your links:

  • Content editors: Canva, Xara
  • Content publishers: Zapier, Buffer, and Hootsuite
  • URL shorteners: Rebrandly, Bitly, RocketLink, JotURL, Replug, PixelMe, Switchy, and BL.INK. 
  • Content curation: Pocket and Quuu
SocialBee Facebook post
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Post on Facebook with SocialBee!

Share posts on your Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups from one place.

Effective Team Collaboration for Better Content

Use SocialBee to improve your team collaboration and create more Facebook interactive posts together.

Workspaces & Users

Stay organized by creating multiple workspaces for different businesses.

Invite users to your workspace and assign them roles so you can work and communicate on the same platform.

Content Approval Workflow

Save your posts as drafts in SocialBee and tag your team members in charge of the editing process.

Leave notes if necessary. Once the content is ready, you can go ahead and approve it.

Concierge Services

Use SocialBee’s Concierge Services to have all your social media presence taken care of — from content creation to community management.

SocialBee workspaces and users

Facebook Analytics & Performance Reports

See your Facebook views, reach, impressions, audience growth, and post-history in one place.

SocialBee Facebook analytics

Views, Reach and Impressions

Find out how many people see and engage with your content.

Audience Growth

Keep track of your account’s growth by looking at how many people started following you on social media.

Post History

Evaluate your content strategy by going over your post history.

In this section of the platform, you will find all your past posts organized in chronological order.

Best Performing Posts

Identify your best-performing posts and use them as inspiration for your future content.

Trusted by Over 18K Companies

SocialBee is a great platform that allows us to organize the content and post on multiple social platforms.
Matthias Allred
Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency
SocialBee is the very best way to schedule your posts, besides having
the very best customer service ever!
Michael Neuvirth
CEO, Accessible DIY
SocialBee is one of the most Powerful Social Media Content Marketing Tools in the industry.
Asit Sharma
Founder, iMe & Nomadic Nerds
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