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SocialBee integrates with industry-leading platforms and apps to help you be more productive and maximize your social media efforts.
SocialBee Tool Integrations
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Design Tools

Canva allows you to create amazing social media visuals with no design experience.


Other: Task Automation

Zapier is useful to automate your social media workflow and project management.


URL Shortener

By using Bitly, you can share branded links with custom domains.

URL Shortener

Rebrandly helps you customize, shorten, and track your links.

URL Shortener

With Replug you can shorten, track, and optimize your links with catchy CTAs, retargeting pixels.

URL Shortener

PixelMe is a URL shortener that includes a retargeting pixel in every link, so you can get more clicks.

URL Shortener

Customize the appearance of a link before sharing it, instantly and easily with Switchy.

URL Shortener

RocketLink adds superpowers to the links you share, whether you want to brand or track URLs.

Content Curation

Quuu ensures you'll always have the latest content added to your SocialBee account.

Content Curation

Use Pocket to curate content that you love and then share it via SocialBee.


URL Shortener

With BL.INK you can manage your links to have a better overview of the engagement you get.

URL Shortener

JotURL enables you to add custom domains, retargeting pixels, or CTAs to your links.


Other: Content Publisher

Previously used for direct posting on Instagram, Buffer remains an available integration even at this time.

Other: Content Publisher

Previously used for direct posting on Pinterest, Hootsuite remains an available integration even at this time.

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