SocialBee is Turning 4!

Thank you for celebrating with us!

As we’re reminiscing on the past year, we can’t help but think of all the growth, learning, and development that we’ve experienced. We’re thankful and humbled to celebrate this 4th birthday with you. Here’s to an exciting future and new adventures!

Week #1

1-7 June

Week #2

Pro for Four
8-14 June

Week #3

All 4 One & One 4 All
15-21 June

See you next year.

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Week 1: Four-midable - SocialBee is turning 4


We’re offering people the chance to win one of 4 vouchers, worth $400 each in SocialBee credit to use as they choose.

The steps you need to take in order to join our giveaway are:

1. Click on the “Join the Giveaway” button found below.
2. Share this page for more entries in the giveaway.
3. Invite your friends for even more entries.

This giveaway will end on the 7th of June. Join now! 

Week 2: Pro for Four

After the first month if you realize that you don’t need the Pro platform you can downgrade to Bootstrap or Accelerate plan.  The onboarding sessions will help you better understand our platform, giving you all insights so you can handle your account like a pro.

Not a SocialBee customer, yet? We have something sweet for you. 

Buy the SocialBee Pro license for $4 in the 1st month, and get 1 one-on-one onboarding sessions for Free. 

Just use the code SBPro4U at checkout in your SocialBee Account, under License.

Are you already a customer? We have something for you, too. ind out more here!

Week 3: All 4 One & One 4 All


Buy a $100 SocialBee voucher for yourself and get 3 more vouchers worth $100 each for free. That way, you can help out 3 of your friends to get started with SocialBee.

You and your friends can use the vouchers within 1 year, for any SocialBee payment.

Week 4: Four More Years

If you already bought SocialBee University in Week 2, we’ll offer you a refund.
Switch to a yearly plan and get:
  • 2 months for FREE
  • SocialBee University Training recordings
  • Last, but not least: Our <3 “four” ever
  • Click on the button below to let us know you’re interested and we’ll get in touch to make the switch for you.
    Are you with us for more than a year? We have something sweet for you, too – our SocialBee Univerity Training recordings. Make sure you keep an eye on your inbox.

    Week 1: Four-midable​ - SocialBee is turning 4​

    1-7 June (Already Completed)

    We offered vouchers to 4 lucky winners, worth $400 SocialBee Credit (each) to use as they choose. In case you missed these deals, keep an eye on this week’s promotions.

    Week 2: Pro for Four​

    8-14 June (Already Completed)

    Our PRO license was available for only 4$ (normally is 79$), and whoever bought the PRO license got a one-on-one onboarding session for free. Moreover, the SocialBee University recordings were available for 40$ (normally 149$).

    Week 3: All 4 One & One 4 All​

    15-21 June (Already Completed)

    This week we gave you the opportunity to buy a $100 SocialBee voucher and get for free 3 more such vouchers for 3 of your friends that are not yet using SocialBee.

    Week 4: Four More Years (but let's start with One)

    22-30 June (Already Completed)

    This last week we gave you the opportunity to upgrade your plan to a yearly plan, while showing our gratitude to our loyal clients that have been with us for more than a year.

    Week 2: Pro for Four

    8-14 June (Coming Soon)

    Week 3: All 4 One & One 4 All

    15-21 June (Coming Soon)

    Week 4: Four More Years (but let's start with One)

    22-30 June (Coming Soon)

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    Having the content categories and being able to recycle content makes it possible to post often, even if you don’t have a VA or you’re not working on it full time.
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    SocialBee is taking the stress out of my day regarding sharing my content and my clients' content on social media.

    Now it's fun to schedule content in advance. Plus I have more time to focus on creating content rather than spending time scheduling.

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    We were looking for a solution that would help us serve up the most relevant content to our audience on a consistent basis.

    We decided to use SocialBee because of the simplicity of the platform and the ease of use. The team is really responsive and available to help.

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    Since using SocialBee, I’ve reached more people more regularly, and have a more loyal following.

    More Leads, Less Effort.​

    14-day free trial, no credit card required.