About SocialBee

About the Bees who build SocialBee

In our previous startup, we used social media to grow our user base. But we needed to use multiple exiting tools that did not communicate with each other, along with internally built scripts, and a bit of manual work to get the best results.

We thought there must be a better way, but when we did not find one, we decided to build one ourselves.

SocialBee was born (in June 2016) from our need to share our growing library of evergreen content across all our social profiles, to grow our following, and to engage with them to convert them into leads.

SocialBee’s first office. A tiny room where we first built SocialBee.

Our first logo, made in PowerPoint. As you can see, it was horribly bad.

Our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was rudimentary and needed lots of human touch but delivered results and so we got our first customer with SocialBee Version 0.1. This was, in fact, built on a combination of Google Sheets with complex formulas, Zapier zaps, and manual work.

So as we saw people were willing to pay for our service, we knew we were on to something.

Since our ‘garage’ days when Vlad and myself (Ovi) set up shop in Vlad’s spare room, we’ve kept growing and improving our product, our services, and our team.

In mid-2017, Philipp Kandal, one of our customers who has seen us evolve from the very early days became a minority investor and so helped us grow even faster.

We’re now an ever-growing team committed to building the best social media management product on the market.

And yes, most days, you can see at least one dog bringing joy to our office.

2017 Christmas photo shoot. Yes, we did that. It was fun.

Let’s Grow, Together.









On behalf of myself, Vlad, and the whole SocialBee team we welcome you to our hive!

Ovi Negrean
Chief Executive Bee

These are Our Values

And we stand by them.


We’re reliable, honest, and trustful. We trust each other and you can trust us. When we agree to do something, you can consider it done.


Just like bees, we work together as an efficient & effective team, to bring value to our customers (the honey) and the world (pollination). We always help our customers, listen to their needs and do our best to fulfill them. We go above and beyond to make sure they get the best products and service. We’re open and sociable individuals. We’re team players, help each other and know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We proudly wear many hats. We get things done in an efficient, effective, and cost-conscious manner. We’re prompt, agile and we live by the 80/20 rule.


Just like bees, we’re hard workers, that get things done. But we’re also smart workers, as just hard work, without smart work, is a waste of time.


Yes, it’s a made-up word. Who says we can’t do that?! It shows we’re innovative, creative and digital savvy. And that we don’t always follow the rules we don’t believe in. We’re using cutting-edge technologies, and constantly improving our products, systems and even ourselves.