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Branding on Social Media Guide

Branding matters! Learn how to do it like a Pro.

Being "On Brand"

This is Chapter 1 from the Branding on Social Media Guide

Fancy marketing words scare you. And making your brand memorable or creating brand guidelines for your business simply doesn’t ring a bell.

Don’t worry!

This guide will help you finally discover everything you need to know about branding.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide:

  • What is “On Brand”?
  • Social Media Branding Strategies
  • Establish social media branding guidelines for your business
  • The benefits of having social media guidelines
  • Social media guidelines you should know about
  • Create a social media style guide
  • How to develop your brand voice and tone on social media
  • Building Brand Identity & Trust through Social Media

What is “On Brand”?

To put it simply, being ‘on brand’ has to do with a piece of content or something created for the company (that is meant to advertise or represent the company) being in line with the buyer persona/avatar or message of the brand.

‘On brand’ is your audience’s behavior that is perfectly in line with what you stand for as a product, service, business, person and culture. 

Lots of people think that branding simply has to do with a great logo, some lovely colors and interesting fonts used here and there. When in fact branding is so much more than that. Obviously you need a great logo, excellent color choices and interesting, well-established fonts. However, stopping just at this point would be a great mistake.

Branding has to do with creating excellent, engaging copy/content, sending out the proper message, as well as building an emotional, trustworthy connection with your social followers.

So, basically what you need to do is define what your “brand” stands for. Then everything you create, whether an ad or an image, needs to fall in line with your brand in terms of look, feel, voice and tone. And, when you manage to hit that target, you are then officially on brand.

Check out T-Mobile, a company that is amazingly differentiating itself from the competition.

Here’s how they do it:

  • By creating content that aims straight at customers biggest pain points and away from their biggest flaw (the size of their network)
  • By having a strong and quite unique color palette. We mean it’s all pink. 😃
  • By allowing customers to bring in unlocked phones to switch to T-Mobile

Why are they so great?

  • Because they know how to listen and follow the behaviors of their core customer. They truly understand their audience.
  • Because they are catering to a smaller, niche audience which is the young, urban dwellers – those who don’t want to be tied down and “owned” by their cellular company (again this shows that they know what their audience wants).
  • And our personal favorite, their message on the website and on all of their social channels is the same; they have a clear message, voice: ‘Are You With Us?’
Image source: T-Mobile

It’s bold, it’s engaging and it builds an emotional connection with their audience.

They clearly define what their brand stands for: togetherness, relationships, family, diversity and focusing on the things you care about.

Family, Togetherness 

“Bring the whole family together with T-Mobile ONE™”.

Image source: T-Mobile
Image source: T-Mobile


“We consistently receive awards, like the Forbes Best Employers for Diversity award, for the inclusive environment we’ve built.”

Image source: T-Mobile

Focusing on the things you care about

“Schedule an appointment at your nearest T‑Mobile store and our Mobile Experts will help get you up and running fast—so you can focus on the things you care about.”

Image source: T-Mobile

Building trust

No one is faster or has more LTE availability than T-Mobile. And you can trust the billions of real-world consumer tests that prove it.”

Image source: T-Mobile

Knowing the pain points of their customers

Image source: T-Mobile
Image source: T-Mobile

Committed to ethics

Image source: T-Mobile

“We are constantly pushing ourselves – and the competition – to do right by our customers’ expectations. That’s why we’ve won a World’s Most Ethical Companies award for 9 consecutive years.” 

T-Mobile on Twitter


T-Mobile on Facebook


T-Mobile on Instagram


As you can see, on all of their social platforms (and website) they manage to create an emotional connection with their audience. 

It’s always about connecting with their audience, togetherness, needs, being united – with ‘America’s most loved network’. And you’ll always find the #hashtag: #AreYouWithUs in their social posts. Not to mention that the color pink is everywhere T-Mobile is present. Their social presence is unmistakable.

Branding on Social Media

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