Learn How to Use Instagram Automated Messages to Grow Your Instagram




Have you ever wondered how many people use an Instagram account per month?

Well, more than 375 million people use it for different purposes, such as Instagram posting or Instagram messaging.

The good news is that Instagram users can use automation to reach their Instagram marketing goals faster when it comes to messaging.

So, let’s find out how you can grow your Instagram using automatic messages.

What Are Automated Instagram Messages?

An automated Instagram message allows you to send messages to your Instagram followers or non-followers, in a fast, immediate way, without any manual work from you. In the comment section, you can send those messages either as a direct message in their inbox (DM) or publicly.

You’ll find all your direct messages in the top right corner of your screen, and this applies to both web and mobile devices.

It is enough to check your Instagram notifications to see any new comments, or go to your latest Instagram posts and look at the posts’ comments.

Types of Automated Instagram Messages

1. Thank You Messages

Sending “Thank you messages” can work wonders for your Instagram account. You can use this type of automated message for: 

  • sending a message
  • placing an order via Instagram shoppable tags
  • a new follower
  • an Instagram story reply
  • an Instagram story mention
Thank you for mentioning us in your story!

2. Welcome Messages for New Followers

There is also the possibility to send automated messages to new followers. In this case, instead of sending a “Thank you for following” message, you can rely on a “Welcome” message. The first message you send to your new followers helps create a powerful one-on-one interaction with the people who are getting to know your business better.

Hi! Welcome to our Instagram page. We are happy to meet you!

3. Acknowledge New Messages

DM automation is useful for acknowledging new messages. Being in touch with your audience 24/7 and providing fast replies sounds like a dream, but it might be a bit complicated to apply in real life. But with an around-the-clock automated messaging system, you can acknowledge the new messages and assure your audience that they’ll receive a reply soon.

Thank you for your message. We’ll reach out to you in the next few hours. Kind regards, [business name] 

4. Customer Orders Support

Another case where you can use Instagram automation is for customer support messages. These messages can send an instant reply to any question a user might have and keep the conversation quick and clean. This can happen by integrating a question such as “Was this answer useful?”, for which users can choose between the “Yes” or “No” options. If the support case requires further handling, you can step in and help the users solve their problems.

Hi there! Thank you for getting in touch. We’ll do our best to answer your question in the next 4 hours.

5. Outreach to New Accounts

How about using an Instagram DM to outreach to new followers? You can start by sending your new followers a “Welcome” message, and you can get creative by adding a link to your website, or a purchase link that contains a discount. 

Hi! Happy to meet you. Buckle up, because we offer a 10% discount on all our products! You can use this discount code: XXXXX on our website. 

Instagram DM Automation vs. Messenger Bots

There are a few differences between automated direct messages and messenger bots, and knowing them will give you a better understanding of the whole process.

  1. The audience – Instagram has an audience that is half a billion smaller than the Messenger one. Because of that, Instagram direct messages have a simpler format. While you might share GIFs on Messenger or add different integrations, Instagram automated messages offer fewer options.
  2. The messaging process – Messenger gives you a unique link to visit in case you want to start the conversation with someone. However, if you want to send direct messages on Instagram, you’ll have to navigate to the person’s profile or reply to their story.
  3. The follow-up process – If your business has received an Instagram direct message, you have a 24-hour window to reply to it. If you don’t follow up with your followers during that time frame, you’ll have to wait for them to engage with you again. The same rules apply to Messenger, the difference being that you can use other options that allow you to start the conversation with your followers again.

How to Use Instagram Automated Messages

1. Auto-reply to Comments on Feed Posts

A comment auto-responder is one of the best ways to increase Instagram engagement. You can ask your target audience to comment on your posts using a specific keyword. When people add comments containing that keyword, it can trigger an Instagram DM that can then increase the Instagram traffic to your website.

Not to mention, this is also a fast way to add visibility to your posts.

2. Auto-Reply to Mentions on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a great starting point for an Instagram direct message. You can set your Instagram DMs to be instantly sent whenever a user mentions you in their Story. It can be either a simple “Thank you” message, or you can take advantage and provide the users with a link that will drive traffic to your website.

3. Move Instagram Users From the Comments Section to Your DMs

There might be comments that could be better addressed through an Instagram DM, especially when we’re talking about orders or different issues your users might experience. Depending on the rules you set, you could respond to certain comments with a simple “Thank you for your inquiry, we’ve sent you an Instagram DM to further discuss this” message.

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4. Offer Customer Support Directly in Their Inboxes

You can send automated direct messages for social media customer support too. You can use clickable links in Instagram DMs and in this way, provide users with different articles or help sections from your website.

5. Follow Up on Pending Conversations with Automated Messages

Another way to use Instagram direct messages is to launch a drip campaign. You can also use a general template in your Instagram auto message to follow up on any pending conversation. In the end, we all get busy sometimes and forget to reply to that message we read, said we’d reply to, and then never got around to it.

6. Acknowledge When a New Message Has Been Received

Direct messages are a great way to set expectations in terms of how soon users can get a reply. It can be any time frame you choose, as long as you respect the 24-hour window for sending back any Instagram direct messages.

You can also take advantage of an auto dm and offer answers to the common questions you know your users have.

7. Lead Generation and Lead Qualification

Instagram DMs have the power to help you out with lead generation too. That is because you can send automatic messages as a response to a trigger, such as a keyword. Say, you want to offer a certain discount code to users who send you a specific word. When they take this action, they’ll be asked for their email address. In this way, you can capture the email address of your customers.

8. Content Visibility in Front of Your Current Followers

“Psst, have you missed our newest post?”

An automated DM is a great way to increase content visibility. How? By promoting your newest posts to your audience, and thus, increasing the chances of your content being liked and shared. Also, the different time zones might play a role in the visibility of your post, so make sure you let your audience know about your new posts. You can also thank your followers for mentioning your profile on their Instagram stories.

Having fresh content to promote on your feed is important, and the good news is that you can use a tool like SocialBee to post on Instagram.

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9. Check-In With Existing Followers and Customers

A simple “Hello, just checking in with you” message on Instagram holds a lot of power, as it allows you to talk to your customers and followers humanly. Checking in is a great opportunity to add an authentic and personal touch to your brand, so use these messages on Instagram to have a conversation with your existing followers and customers.

10. Reach Out to Influencers for Brand Exposure

Reaching out to influencers for brand exposure through messages on Instagram is another great way to connect and take advantage of DM automation. Make sure you include in your message the reason why you reached out to them, why they’d be the best person for your brand, and what to expect in exchange for working with your brand.

It’s safe to say that a short and clear Instagram message can go a long way, especially when it comes to your brand’s exposure.

How to Set Up an Automated Instagram Message

Instagram doesn’t have a built-in way to use automated Instagram messages. However, there are third-party apps that can help you out with that.

InstaChamp by MobileMonkey is one of those apps, and it’s a 100% Instagram-approved growth and automation tool. All accounts that have 1k to 100k Instagram followers are eligible to use InstaChamp by MobileMonkey.

Image credit: Mobilemonkey

Here’s how to set up an automated message on Instagram and provide fast replies to your users by using the MobileMonkey tool:

  1. Connect your Instagram account to the app through a Facebook Business Page.
  2. Allow the app to use automated Instagram messages. 
  3. You can start creating good Instagram replies with InstaChamp by MobileMonkey for the following:
  • Story Mentions – you can send a direct message to the users who mention your business in their story
  • Post Comments – you can send an automated message to the users who comment on your posts
  • DM Replies – you can send automated DMs to any direct message

Automated DMs are great, but first, you need to make sure that you have an active profile. To have an active Instagram profile, you need to post content, and we’ve got a good tip we’d like to share with you in that regard.

Bonus: Posting Content on Instagram 

Messages on Instagram go hand in hand with posting content. For example, there are very few chances that people will start a conversation with you if you don’t have any content. For example, getting a reply to an Instagram story that doesn’t exist doesn’t happen.

Because of this, posting on Instagram should be on the top of your list when it comes to your Instagram marketing strategy.

The good news is that SocialBee can help with posting content on Instagram:

Here’s what you can do on Instagram with the help of SocialBee:

1. Post Instagram content

  • Single Image — Your Instagram reach can get a boost by sharing content regularly.
  • Video — Videos are great for user engagement.
  • Carousel — Use carousels to post more than one picture and create a story.
  • Stories — Instagram Stories are a great way to improve your Instagram visibility.

The best part about them? There’s scheduling available for all Instagram post types, to make sure you don’t miss anything.

2. Schedule Instagram first comment — you can schedule and then automatically post the first comment on any of your Instagram posts.

3. Add Instagram hashtags —save your collection of hashtags and then add directly to your posts. You can then find the best mix of hashtags to maximize your reach.

4. Use Instagram tags and mentions — you can tag different accounts on your Instagram posts, to boost your content’s reach. You can also mention any account on your Instagram posts, for a shout-out or giving credits.

5. Grid preview — if you’re curious how your Instagram Feed will look in the end, you can do that through our Grid Preview.

6. Location tags — our feature for Instagram Business Profiles will allow you to add a location to all your posts.

7. Emoji collections — make sure your posts stand out with the help of our in-app emoji feature.

Once you’ve got the content, you can start setting auto DMs for Instagram for better outreach.

Final Words

Instagram automation helps improve the way any business communicates with its audience. That is because they offer efficient and rapid communication while helping you take care of all your other tasks. 

What is important to remember is that Instagram doesn’t have a built-in way for a business to send automated messages. However, this can be achieved with the help of third-party apps. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that you need Instagram content to reap the benefits of automated messages. 

For example, in the case of the MobileMonkey tool, there is an eligibility rule. Essentially, you need a specific number of followers to start using the tool, which means that your profile needs to be active. And an active profile needs quality content.

Not to worry, though, as SocialBee has got your back when it comes to Instagram content and it also offers a 14-day free trial. You can schedule posts or take advantage of all the other features related to Instagram. Post on Instagram with the help of SocialBee and get to use automated Instagram messages in no time.

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