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7 Instagram Story Ideas to Make Your Stories More Powerful




What would you say is the first thing people notice when they open their Instagram app? Could it be the four direct messages from their inbox? Could it be a post from their favorite brand? Or is it the carousel of stories they still have to take a look at?

Let’s say that the stories were the ones to catch their attention first. 

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If there’s a moment to capture, there’s a story for it. Stories are not only about fleeting moments, though. They are also a great way for businesses to promote and boost their user engagement through a different method than a simple Instagram post. And there’s one impressive number to support this, as around 500 million people use the Instagram stories feature daily.

However, to attract the audience and to keep their attention, you need some creative Instagram story ideas. Even though posting a story can include elements such as filters, polls, videos, or images, you still need to know how and when to use them. 

We’ve put together a list of Instagram story ideas to make your Instagram stories more powerful. Let’s see what these Instagram stories for a business can look like.

What Is an Instagram Story?

Before we take a look at a list of creative Instagram stories, let’s see what this functionality is all about. The stories feature was introduced in 2016, and it allows users to share different moments of their day, displayed as a slideshow.

Instagram stories comprise different pictures or videos that are visible for 24 hours. A story is 15 seconds long, and anything longer than that gets cut into a different story. If you haven’t viewed the story yet, it will appear on your Instagram homepage surrounded by a colored ring around the Instagram account profile picture.

Depending on your privacy settings, Instagram Stories can be viewed differently:

  • Public account: your story can be viewed by anyone, regardless if they’re following your profile or not.
  • Private account: your story can be viewed only by the people who follow you.

You can add anything from stickers, music, and GIFs to your story and apply different filters to make your stories more enticing. You should also consider the Instagram Story sizes when putting together your plan, to reach the best results.

If you want to make your stories available for more than 24 hours, you can choose to add them to your Instagram highlights.

Instagram Story Ideas 

A picture usually tells a million stories, and that’s a given. However, posting a different picture as your story each day will probably not bring you the desired results in terms of engagement. 

Choosing the best Instagram story idea for your business might seem like a daunting task at first, but not to worry. Here are a few ideas you can put to good use to make your Instagram stories more powerful. You can also use these for your Instagram story inspiration. 

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1. Host a Q&A Discussion

A Q&A session is a good idea when you want to increase engagement with the help of an Instagram story. Your audience can ask their burning questions and get the answers straight from the source. Most importantly, it will also help them relate more to your business values, as you can answer questions in a more personal way. 

You can add the Q&A to your Instagram story in two ways. One way would be to add a simple colored background and then click on the “Stickers” button at the top of the screen to add a “Questions” sticker. This will encourage followers to ask you a question (literally any question). Another easy way would be to post a picture and then add the sticker to it.

The answers to your Instagram stories can be under any format:

  • Text only – you use a clean background, and you just post the answer to the question.
  • Image and text – you can add an image to your Instagram story, along with your answer.
  • Video answer – you can let your audience see you and answer their questions in a video story.

Once you’ve gone through a Q&A session, don’t forget to add these engaging Instagram stories to your Instagram highlights. This way, new followers will be able to go through your older stories and find out some interesting answers about your business.

2. Organize Quizzes/Polls

Quizzes might not have been anyone’s favorite moment in school. But the narrative changes when we’re talking about an Instagram story. A poll or a quiz is great for boosting user engagement because it allows people to express their opinion without typing a long answer.

You can ask a question and add to it a multiple-choice answer to keep your audience engaged. To make your Instagram stories more powerful, you can start a game and let your audience guess the brand of one of the items in your story.

Image source: Instagram

If you’re looking for some more Instagram story inspiration, let us help you out with a trick. The Instagram audience is a big fan of the “this or that” format. Here are some fun and simple ideas you can apply to your stories:

  • Ask your audience a very simple question, such as “How was your day?”
  • Ask them what their preferred content types are 
  • Ask your audience to choose your new logo

Quizzes and polls give your followers the chance to express their opinion easily and in a fun way, so make sure you include this in your stories.

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3. Showcase Your Team

Social media is a great way to connect with other people. Similarly, Instagram stories can give your audience the chance to connect to the people involved in your business. How? By placing your team members in the spotlight and sharing a few facts about them. Here are a few Instagram story ideas for business you can use:

  • One of your team members is passionate about reading. They seem to know everything about marketing and always have a title to share with the rest of the team. Getting around content marketing? They have the best book recommendation for that. Branding? Here’s a great title! This is a great opportunity to add an Instagram story where your team member can recommend the best books in the marketing field.
  • People have a tendency to be curious about what a day in the office might look like for a team. You can showcase such a day through an Instagram story and let your team members talk a bit about their role, what it’s like to work with the rest of the team members, and other details they might consider relevant. 

… Or your team member is a cute puppy that catches the attention of everyone and lightens up everybody’s day.

In the end, your audience relates to what’s real, and showcasing the heroes in your team can work wonders for user engagement.

4. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content is another one on the list of Insta stories for business. Sharing user-generated content can help build trust and also, raise brand awareness.

If a user who has a public profile created a story and tagged your brand in it, then you can share it on your story.

Image source: Instagram

As a user, seeing your story shared by your favorite brand can be one very happy moment! As a brand, this can also give you access to some great content that would be too good not to be shared with the rest of the world. 

5. Promote Products and Deals

The list of Instagram story ideas doesn’t stop here. You can use Instagram stories to promote products or any last-minute deals that would be of great interest to your audience.

One of the primary uses of Instagram for businesses is to showcase their products. However, stories can help you give a different perspective. 

You can delight your audience with a little spoiler on how the product works and what the final results are. If we’re talking about creative Instagram story ideas in the case of a make-up brand, you could show users how the colors look on the skin or try different wear tests.

Does your brand have a new deal each day? You can promote any daily deals through an Instagram story and also use the Instagram Swipe Up feature to lead your audience straight to that page. To use this Instagram feature, your follower count has to be over 10.000.

Image source: Instagram

Adding any deals or discounts to your stories could also help in increasing your brand’s sales.

6. Go Behind the Scenes

Running out of Instagram story inspiration? You can appeal to the curiosity of your audience and give them a sneak peek of what’s going on in your business.

Your audience is already interested in what your business has to offer, but they might not know so many details about the processes behind it.

Showing them a bit of what’s going on behind the scenes can involve:

  • a video about what a day in the office looks like.
  • how a meeting takes place for you and your team members.
  • your morning routine / a team member’s morning routine.
  • a sneak-peek into a project you’re working on.
  • how a work from home day/commuting session looks for you.

Depending on the details you want to share, these could be some creative Instagram ideas you could put to good use. Not to mention, they will give your audience a little bit of the vibe of your business and make it more relatable to them.

7. Provide Product Teasers

Some brands choose to announce their new product releases directly through an Instagram post. These can be paired with a product teaser, though. And it doesn’t have to be a product release only, as a teaser works in the case of an event too. 

Image source: Instagram

Teasers are a great way to keep your audience hooked and eager to find out more. Not to mention, it will also encourage your audience to visit your page more often.

If you don’t want to give too many details right off the bat, you can start boosting user engagement with a quiz. Add a question sticker to your story and let your audience guess what product you’re launching. You can also add daily stories that talk about one of the new features of your product.

Final Words

An Instagram story doesn’t have to be too complicated in order to work. These seven creative Instagram story ideas should provide you with a good starting point if you’re not sure what else to use for your business.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is that Instagram stories will still have to be built in a way that catches your audience’s attention.

If a “behind-the-scenes” story type doesn’t work for your business, including it might do more harm than good. Choose the Instagram story type that works best for your audience, business, and values, and start building everything from there.

If you’ve found the Instagram story that works best for you, you can schedule it with our app. 

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