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Going Viral: How to Make Any Facebook Post Shareable




Think of all the social media platforms you have an account on. There’s quite a high chance that Facebook is one of them. Facebook can be easily considered a very popular social media platform. There are two billion users visiting the platform each month with an average daily user of 1.908 billion. Quite a number, isn’t it?

Now, the next question is: what do you use your Facebook account for? The answers can range from anything such as communicating with your friends, up to sharing posts. And this brings us to today’s topic: making a Facebook post shareable.

You can share almost anything on Facebook. Images, videos, memes, articles – you name it. But before getting to the point of sharing a post, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Going viral doesn’t happen like magic – as much as we wish it did.

We’ll take a look at the logic behind going viral and what you need to know to make any Facebook shareable. There is no recipe for success, unfortunately, and that’s a given. But these pieces of information can boost your chances of going viral.

On your marks, get set, and let’s go viral!

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable?

how to make a Facebook post sharable

Sharing is caring, and this seems to be the motto of Facebook as well. And that’s because a Facebook post that is shareable is a great way to gain more visibility. News travels fast, people are made aware of new trends or information, and they share it with others. And all of this, without the need to copy the text, or, in social media terms, repost it. You can share the original source and let it reach other users.

First things first, it’s all about the privacy settings. You need to make sure that your Facebook post is shareable. There are many settings on Facebook that give you the option to control who sees your posts and up to what extent. If you’re more of a private person and you want to keep your social media that way, that’s great.

However, it’s not the best strategy if you have a business page and you want to attract people’s attention. Imagine posting a video that is very appreciated, but locked down on your business page only.

Thus, the first thing you have to do to make a Facebook post shareable is to check the privacy settings. Your posts need to be public to reach large audiences. If your posts contain a globe icon next to the date, your post is public and there’s nothing for you to change.

However, if you see any other icon, you might have to change the privacy settings. Not sure how to do that? Here’s a short walk through the necessary settings:

  1. Go to the Facebook post and click on the three dots found in the top right corner
  2. Click on “Edit Post” and under your name (or your business’ name), you should find an icon to click on.
  3. Once you’ve clicked on the icon, you’ll be taken to an “Edit audience” page. You can choose the following options for your audience:
    • Public
    • Friends
    • Friends except…
    • Specific friends
    • Only me

Choose to make your post public and people can now share it among their friends.

How to Make Your Facebook Post go Viral

We’ve gone through the first steps to make a Facebook post shareable. There are a few more details to cover, and we’ll break them down below.

Catch the Attention

Catching the attention of your audience and keeping it are two different things. But in the end, they both follow a similar principle. Once people start noticing your business, they set certain expectations. And to go viral, you need to meet those expectations. This usually translates into quality content.

Quality content is key for good exposure. Yet, there are some other details to take into consideration.

You might be thinking that there are other businesses out there that have used the same pitch on a specific matter. And their content is probably already shared and known. It might be the same case quality-wise. While that might be true, with the right strategy you can also succeed.

So, how do you go around making your Facebook post shareable?

You can start by presenting a new angle. Information usually doesn’t change. What changes though is the way you choose to present it in order to captivate the audience. There are several ways in which you could present information. Trying a humorous approach can be one example. However, whether it works or not depends a lot on the demographics of your audience, though.

A younger audience could appreciate the humorous approach more than an older audience. It will all break down to what your business is based on and to what extent you can go with your content.

Check the Trends

Trends come and go, but staying on top of them is a must. Trending topics, videos or songs are all a great start to come up with viral content. Always being on the loop can help you make a Facebook post shareable – if people don’t find it fitting, they won’t share it.

But how do you figure out what the trend is? What might’ve worked in the previous years will probably not work in the following. But some still work, even if you’d rather say that it’s so 2000-and late.

Videos and live streams seem to hold the crown, no matter what year we’re talking about. And these are two trends that you cannot go wrong with. What’s going to change in their case is the covered subject – and this is what you need to look at to come up with content that is relevant.

If you’re unsure where to look for information, Twitter is a good place to start. You can find the trending topics under the #Explore tab and also check the “What’s happening” section.

Cover More Topics

Trending topics are the ones to quickly catch the attention of users. Everybody’s talking about a specific subject and it’s always great to be up to date. But sometimes, trending topics aren’t the only ones your audience is interested in.

This is why you should cover more topics – the trending ones, as well as those that are related to your business. In the end, you get the best of both worlds – your audience is still interested, while you get to the educational part. All while covering both niche and trending subjects.

Use the Right Content

Knowing what content makes your audience tick is another great way to go viral. In order to make your Facebook post shareable, you need to figure out what content they want, and how your audience wants to see that content.

It’s true, there is no right or wrong here in terms of content types. What works for some pages might not work at all for other pages and vice versa.

It could be anything from infographics, to photos and videos. Even posts might do the trick in the case of your page – but of course, that will be very specific to your business. You can only make a Facebook post shareable if you know how to tackle it.

Also, keep in mind that we also live in a fast-paced world, so a longer video or title, even though they might comprise more, might make your audience interact less. The key to making a Facebook post shareable is to keep it short, but still impactful. You can use titles, thumbnails, special effects, or anything that teases your audience and catches their attention.

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Connect to the Audience

It’s usually said that one of the best ways to succeed in life is by networking. The more people you know, the more opportunities you have. And the same principle can be easily applied to social media platforms. And in this case, a connection can go both ways. This involves connecting with similar businesses and connecting with your audience. And they both can make a Facebook post shareable.

When you connect with a business that is like yours, you can get better exposure through mentions. Sharing one another’s posts can be a great way to bring more visibility. Bonus, you can make your posts more shareable by other people too.

Your audience is usually interested in the more personal aspect. Behind every business, there are superheroes who make it work. And getting to know those superheroes can become a golden ticket to making Facebook posts shareable. People find it easier to relate to a story about who is behind the scenes than a story about the final product. In the end, we’re all human, and seeing something that we can relate to is a great thing to share with each other when meeting in a live environment, and on social media platforms, as well.

Benefits of Making Your Facebook Post Shareable 

Benefits of making your facebook post shareable

Sharing Is Caring

We’ve said it once and we’re going to say it all the time. But sharing is caring in general, and it also applies to social media platforms. People share content on Facebook for entertainment purposes, for example.

One person finds your content interesting enough to be shared and sends it to another person. This other person sends it to one or more people and this is all you need. Just like in the case of word of mouth, sharing posts can mean caring for other people. In the end, you don’t keep the treasures you’ve found for yourself only, right?

Make Information Accessible

We live in a world where information is highly accessible. But even so, some things might get lost in translation. Or lost between the thousands of sources one can have. Sharing a Facebook post can also include the informational bit.

Sometimes, people share different pieces of content that educate and inform the public. And depending on the format, it can be easier to catch the attention of the audience or not. But all in all, information is powerful enough to make a Facebook post shareable.

Show Social Issues

The world we live in is similar, yet different. There are certain issues that appear and affect things that are of importance to us. It’s no secret that people share posts that present current issues and are in line with their values.

Thus, adopting a certain position in regards to a larger scale issue can help you make a Facebook post more shareable. The more people relate to your thoughts, the more they’re going to engage. And this will result in sharing these thoughts with their friends. Also, sharing a post enough times and reaching out to many people, can also lead to action.

Appeal to Emotions

Emotions are a strong driver of human beings, and so is social media. Facebook posts have the power to make people feel something, be it any kind of emotion from happiness, to sadness or anger.

When your audience is emotionally involved in a certain subject, chances are you’ll get better exposure. And if you can express whatever you’re feeling through a post, chances are more people will follow.

Final Thoughts

As we’re reaching the end of the article, we’ve managed to go through all the steps you need to take to make a Facebook post shareable. What you need first is to make sure that your posts are public.

Even though going viral sounds impossible, it only takes a few elements — elements that are most probably included in your posts by default. From quality content to interacting with the audience, these are all important aspects you should consider. Don’t underestimate the importance of connecting with your audience when attempting to reach the “viral” side of Facebook.

The “why” and “how” are both important in this case. Knowing the reasons why people share your content is vital for your strategy. While some parts of your audience are interested in the informational part, others are more drawn to the emotional bit. Of course, the list of reasons might be endless, but in the end, figuring out the main reasons and breaking them down into smaller parts can help you a lot.

While becoming viral on Facebook might happen in one second, it takes quality and consistency to get there. Paying attention to what’s happening in the world can also make your Facebook post more shareable. Think about it as a system where everything is connected and has its own purpose.

Now that we’ve gotten to the last part of this article, let’s use one last sentence that can make people share your post:

Spread the word.

In the end, that’s how one goes viral.

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