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Mastering CTAs (Call-to-Action)

This is Chapter 5 from the Copywriting for Social Media Guide.

Do you want your social media audience to take an action? Ask them! How do you ask them the right way? Hmm, well, that’s where mastering call-to-actions (or CTAs in short) comes in handy.

Don’t worry. The word ‘mastering’ may sound strong and fancy, but writing good CTAs isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact, it can be quite easy.

Here’s what you need to do – steps:

Decide on the action you want your reader to take

Before you write your call-to-action, the most important thing you need to do is to figure out what exactly is the action you want the reader to take. When you know what the action is, you can write the call to action.

Then, the next thing on your list is writing the rest of your copy. Not the other way around. So, it goes like this: Know the action (you want your audience to take) -> Write your CTA -> Write your copy (in this order). And, that’s how you write a good CTA. 👍 

Give your audience something of value

By giving your target audience something of value (discount, free download, etc), you’ll get them to respond to your call-to-action. Make sure to motivate your reader with what you are providing.

The best way to know if what you are offering is what your audience wants, is to ask the question: What’s in it for me? It is always about the benefits your consumers will get if they respond to your CTA.

Create curiosity

Yes, curious George exists for a reason. 🙊 We are all curious by nature. Spark curiosity in your reader and you’re halfway there. Make your reader want to find out more. Make it hard for your consumer to resist not knowing more about what you have to offer. Use all these to your advantage. Ask the question to which your consumer wants to find the answer. And make sure you have the answer.

Create a sense of urgency

Give your consumers a deadline to respond to your request. Creating a sense of urgency adds importance to your CTA. Additionally, your consumers will want to prioritize responding to your request as there is limited time to act – which works to your benefit.

👇 Example:

  • Call now! The offer expires in 24 hours!”
  • This 50% discount is only available today. Act now!”

The ‘Why not’ technique

The basic idea here is that by addressing the readers’ concerns and removing all barriers to action, you create the sense that there’s no reason not to try a product or service. This technique may actually increase the chances that a segment of your consumers will take action.

By showing your consumer how much is there to gain, and nothing to lose, you are basically shifting the ‘why should I buy’ to ‘why not’.

👇 Example:

This offer is perfect for you, but it will only last for 24 h! You even get a free sample of your favorite product. There is so much to gain, and you have absolutely nothing to lose! Don’t you just want a try?

Focus on the immediate benefits

The greatest advantage in digital marketing is the possibility to provide your consumers with instant gratification. Your consumers can get downloadable resources, access to tools, and premium services all within seconds. And guess what? Your customers love that! Therefore, as you write your CTA, find ways to provide immediate value to your customers.

The sooner they begin to see the benefits of taking action, the more they’ll feel the need to do that.

👇 Example:

Download Now! And get a free sample of our ‘Content Curation Guide’!

Be clear on what you offer

When creating your CTA copy, be as clear as possible about what you’re offering. You may love getting creative with your copy and grab the consumer’s attention. However, if your creative writing brings confusion about what you have to offer, it’s useless.

So, be straightforward if you want to achieve effective CTAs.

✍️ Bottom line: You need to lead your consumers to take action. The way you can do that is through great CTAs. Learn to write effective ones.

Having multiple CTAs can distract potential leads from conversion, and you don’t want that. You want to keep things focused and clear. Only use one CTA per post.

The point of having a CTA on your page or social media post is to give visitors a single action to take. It’s extremely important that you give potential leads one path to follow to conversion. This way you’ll ensure that you won’t lose them along the way.

One of the mistakes companies make is they often insert more than one CTA’s in their post or landing page, steering potential leads in all directions. And this will not help them achieve the conversion they want.

You can have multiple CTA buttons on a landing page for example, only if they’re all working towards the same conversion goal.

However,  keep in mind that asking visitors to complete multiple actions can lead to a decrease in conversions. So, it’s always better to have only one specific purpose with the CTA you are going for on your landing page or social media post.


If you want your social media audience to take action, ask them!

Tips that will help you master CTAs:

  • Decide on the action you want your reader to take.
  • Give your audience something of value.
  • Create curiosity.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Remember the ‘Why not’ technique.
  • Focus on the immediate benefits.
  • Be clear on what you offer.
  • Only use one CTA per post!
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