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Power Words

This is Chapter 6 from the Copywriting for Social Media Guide.

Power words? Say what? 💪 Yes, there are such things as well. And they are very efficient in your copy creation.

You may have already crossed paths with dozens of power words by now, on social media, websites, landing pages, sales pages, emails, etc. You just didn’t know they are called that way. NEW, NOW, FREE, YOU – does it ring a bell?

Well, words like NEW, NOW, FREE, YOU can have a powerful impact on your audience if they are used at the right moment, with the right tone – so they were named: power words. 💥

The first thing you need to know is that power words are a valuable copywriting technique.

In fact, their job is to:

  • get people’s attention, and
  • make them take action.

The key here is to find the power words that motivate people and set the right tone to your copy. 

Another important thing to remember is that regardless of the power words you are choosing to use, you need to have a specific intention behind everything you write. Otherwise you will just write power words that will lead you nowhere.

➡️ Know your audience (again?!) 😮

I’ve mentioned this in almost all copywriting steps so far – and we can’t stress enough on how important it is to know your audience. Without knowing your target audience it’s like walking around blindfolded. 🙈

Tired of reading about knowing your audience? Well, sorry, but it is an extremely important element, so we just want to make sure you won’t forget it. 😛

In this case as well (when using power words), you need to know who your target audience is in order to use the right power words. Otherwise, you’ll want to sell the best baby wraps on the market to business men or teens. How would that work out? It doesn’t matter that your product is NEW or FREE, no one would want it.

✍️ Bottom line: Investigate, get to know who your consumers are and then use power words accordingly. If not, regardless of your great copy and best power words used in your copy, your efforts will be in vain. And you will sell 0 products.

➡️ Where to use power words?

  • Titles – By using power words in your blog titles for instance, you can grab your reader’s attention faster, and it’s excellent for better click-through rates from social media.
  • Headlines on social media – focus on creating short and powerful titles to maximize your impact.
  • Email subject lines: Interesting subject lines can drive email subscribers to click and read your email. And isn’t email the original social media?
  • Captions on social media: Make sure to include power words in your social media captions, when it’s relevant and useful.
  • CTAs on social media: Let your readers know what you want them to do and drive them to act by using the right power words in your CTAs (call-to-action).
  • First and last paragraphs: add power words in the first part and last part of your copy – it’s the perfect way to make them visible for your readers.

David Ogilvy’s list of timeless power words


David Ogilvy’s list of timeless power words:

  • Now
  • Amazing
  • Quick
  • Magic
  • Announcing
  • Sensational
  • Improvement
  • Easy
  • Introducing
  • Remarkable
  • Challenge
  • Wanted
  • Hurry
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  • Compare
  • Suddenly
  • Offer
  • Miracle
  • Bargain

Regardless of whether you choose to use the power words above separately or paired together, they work magic in your copy when used well and at the right moment. They are designed to capture your reader’s attention and boost your business.

And a caution, now that you know these power words: You shouldn’t overuse them or cram them all into the same sentence. Or should you?

Announcing that Now would be an Easy and Sensational way to make Amazing Magic Wanted Suddenly while Introducing a Remarkable and Revolutionary Offer to Quickly Improve the Challenge of a Startling Miracle – but don’t Compare that Bargain in a Hurry. 😁

Boom! 💣Now that’s POWERFUL! … but it also makes no sense. So maybe you should not use them all at once, after all.

Increase your social media engagement with power words

Engage your audience and get a response. That’s what all marketers want to achieve with their copy. But how do you do that without sounding pushy? Yes, you obviously need a different approach if you don’t want to seem as if you are forcing a purchase on your consumers.

So, the most important thing to pay attention to when posting on social media and you want to use power words is to be relevant, create a context and be aware of the target audience you are addressing the post to.

With that in mind, according to experts, there are power words that grab attention (you can use to trigger just about any emotion, for any conversion goal) and get your copy shared on social media.

Here are some of the most used ones:

Facebook Twitter
Now ReTweet
Post Check out
Comment How to
Because Blog
Take Post
Submit Follow
Would Social
When Help
Where Top
Tell us You
Should Great
Discount Share


Use FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) phrases

If you look at the lists above, you can see that the power words used on the 2 different social platforms are somewhat different. That is why, when writing up your copy keep your audience in mind, the context of your post and what channel you are posting to.

You can use this technique to make your audience take action fast. The fear of missing out is always great at motivating people to get what you are offering, before it’s too late.


Here are some common FOMO phrases:

  • Limited offer
  • The offer is running out
  • Get them while they last
  • Sale ends soon
  • Hurry
  • Last chance to buy
  • Today only
  • Only 5 products available
  • Only 1 left
  • Only available here

You can generally use these phrases in promotional copy. 

The most persuasive words in English

Yeah, you heard it right. Want to know which ones they are? Next time someone wants to persuade you to do something, you’ll be onto them. In the meantime, you can persuade others with your amazing copy and persuasive words. Get it? It’s a two-way street. 😉

Anyway, here they are:

  • New
  • Free
  • Now
  • You
  • Because
  • Instantly

These words really work and they trigger your brain to desire the instant gratification. Cool, right? People are amazing creatures… 🙊

✍️ Bottom line:

Power words are powerful indeed. Don’t underestimate their power. Test them, use them and let them do their magical work. And if you want to really go nuts and get to know all the power words out there, check out a very interesting article we found that promises to make you a better writer if you use the power words mentioned by them. Well, it’s worth a try. Click here now and discover the magic. 😊


  • Power words are a valuable copywriting technique.
  • Make sure to find the power words that motivate people and set the right tone to your copy.
  • Important tips to remember when it comes to power words: Know your audience.
  • The right place to use power words.
  • Increase your social media engagement with power words.
  • Use FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) phrases.
  • Use the most persuasive words in English.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of power words. Test them, use them and let them do their magical work.
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