Are Social Media Giveaways STILL Worth It?




What would you say if we told you we could unlock a very distant memory for you? Think about the way giveaways used to look like before social media platforms gained ground, and how you’d find out about them from a poster of your favorite brand, or hear about them on television. 

Your current social media marketing strategy could use this addition called giveaways.

These giveaways usually included prizes such as toys, clothing items, or different gadgets. Now that you’ve taken this walk down memory lane, one burning question emerged

What happened to all those giveaways?

Times have changed, it’s true, and the “classic giveaways” are still available and still used by big brands. However, most of the giveaways you’re going to come in contact with nowadays are going to be social media giveaways. 

If we’re talking about social media giveaway examples, the most common are Instagram giveaways, Twitter giveaways, or Facebook giveaways. They give you the chance to win concert tickets, make-up goodie bags, or even vacations. Think of a prize, and there’s an Instagram giveaway for it (and not only).

But another question remains. In the end, are Instagram giveaways, or any other social media giveaway, still worth it

If you’re looking for a short answer, then the short answer is yes, giveaways are still worth it. If you’re looking for more than just a simple “yes,” we’ll unpack everything you need to know about any giveaway post in this article. 

Spoiler alert: To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is dedicate a few minutes of your time to this article, and tag a friend to spread the word. The winning information will be announced throughout this article.

Bonus entry: Share the original post on your story and tag us.

What Is a Social Media Giveaway? 

Social media giveaways are exchanges that are available for a limited amount of time. The most popular examples include Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram giveaways. Let’s think about an Instagram giveaway for now. 

It can be launched for various reasons — to reach a specific follower milestone, to launch a new product, or to partner up with another brand. 

Giveaways usually include products or services that one or more users can win by respecting a set of different conditions. 

Social Media Giveaway Rules

As we’ve given Instagram as an example first, let’s take a further look at what an Instagram giveaway post looks like. The Instagram giveaway rules could look like this:

  • Following an account
  • Liking a post
  • Tagging other Instagram users in the comments
  • Sharing the post
  • Leaving a comment to share an experience
  • Posting a picture by using a specific hashtag

These rules do not apply only to an Instagram giveaway, though. Social media giveaway rules tend to be similar, and if we’re talking about Facebook, the only difference is that instead of following an account, you have to like a specific Facebook page.

However, it’s usually recommended to stick to only a few giveaway rules. For example, following the Instagram account/Facebook page, liking the post, and tagging a person in the comments are enough for your giveaway. In the case of Twitter, the rules could involve following your page, retweeting or replying to your latest tweet, or using a specific hashtag. 

A randomizer tool can then select a few random winners or just one random winner, depending on your giveaway prize. There are also cases when a jury gets to decide the winner.

A giveaway is also subject to some terms and conditions, and some promotion guidelines can also apply, depending on the platform: 

Now that we’ve covered the contest rules bit, let’s find out what else you need to host a successful giveaway.

What to Include in a Social Media Giveaway?

After taking a look at the terms and conditions, you might want to include some details in your giveaway post. These details are: 

  • A start and end date of the giveaway
  • Any qualifying rules that can make your giveaway entrants eligible to win – such as age or country
  • How the winner will be selected and the rules for entering the giveaway.
  • When and how the winners will be announced
  • Prize details – the number of prizes and what the giveaway prize includes

Image credit: Instagram

Social Media Giveaways Statistics

  1. 45.5% of marketers prefer to pair up Instagram and Facebook for their giveaways, rather than using the platforms alone.
  2. In terms of how often a brand organizes a giveaway, 32.5% organize them once a month. the number once a month stands at 32.5%.
  3. 64.81% of marketing professionals use giveaways to increase the follower count on social media. Increasing brand awareness ranks second place, according to 62.17% of the respondents.
  4. A giveaway is usually available for approximately 7 days.
  5. Videos are the preferred format, the numbers standing at 59%.
  6. According to a 2020 statistic, the average cost-per-click stands at $0.17.
  7. According to a 2020 stat, the average view on a giveaway listing stands at 331 average per listing. The range is 58-1,355 views.
  8. The giveaway participants are older than 18, while the average age stands at 30 years old. 
  9. In terms of participants, 53% are males, while the rest of 47% are females.

Are Social Media Giveaways Still Worth It?

Social media giveaways are a quick and effective way of grabbing the attention of your audience. However, that’s not the only reason why a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram giveaway is still worth it. We’ll quickly go through some facts that will convince you to include an Instagram giveaway or even a Facebook giveaway for your next marketing campaign. 

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Let’s take a look at some facts you should take into consideration when it comes to giveaways:

1. Giveaways Increase Engagement 

Hosting an Instagram giveaway could be seen as a great way to increase engagement. There is one common practice when it comes to Instagram posts that promote a giveaway, and you’ll surely recognize it:

To enter our Instagram giveaway, you have to: Follow our post, tag a friend who’d be interested, and share our post. We’ll announce the lucky winner on Friday.

This means that your page is going to gather more likes, comments, and shares, which leads to a better interaction with your business. Allowing users to have more entries for more winning chances can also help increase engagement and bring you more followers. 

Bonus entries can also increase your number of Instagram followers. Word travels fast and more people would want to enter your giveaway. Because they know they stand more than one chance to win the prize, and they’re going to share the news with other people as well. 

2. Giveaways Raise Brand Awareness

Giveaway posts are also used to raise brand awareness, as they lead to more people finding out about a brand.  

The easiest way to achieve this is by setting a giveaway rule such as tagging friends or sharing the giveaway on a story, or your profile. When a user notices that they’ve been tagged in a post, their curiosity can be piqued. Thus, a simple post tag can lead to more and more people checking out a brand and becoming aware of it and its products. 

A share can work wonders for brand awareness too. Your giveaway contest could have a rule according to which a share gives them a bonus chance to win the prize. An eye-catching picture, paired with the word “giveaway” can raise the interest of other users quite quickly. 

3. Giveaways Are Great for Promotion

If you’ve just launched a new series of products that haven’t hit the shelves yet, you can host a giveaway. You can give your audience exclusive access to your new line of products, all while boosting engagement and increasing sales as well. 

If you’re looking for some giveaway ideas, you can also ask your audience to vote for their favorite pieces, especially if you have a new line of autumn clothes coming up. Then, you can give them the chance to create an outfit made out of the most voted pieces by the audience.

If you’re holding an Instagram contest, you can also make use of social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to announce your giveaway. You can also choose to announce a giveaway through a blog post. 

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A Short Giveaway How-To:

1. Establish Your Giveaway Goals

Just like in the case of social media campaigns, having a goal is important in the case of giveaways too. Setting your goals helps you have a clearer view of the overall look of your giveaway.  Your goals can include boosting your number of followers and gaining 400 more by the end of the giveaway.

Or you might want to simply promote a new line of products and thus, increase your brand’s visibility. 

Depending on your goal, you’re also going to take different actions, so make sure that your goal is achievable, and in line with your business and marketing campaigns too. 

2. Know What Your Audience Wants

Knowing what your audience wants will give you a clear idea of what prizes you can offer and what type of giveaway you can have. This means that the prize you’re offering has to be in tune with the interests of your audience. However, there’s a catch here: the prizes should not only be believable, but real too. Also, they should be tailored enough to keep a similar audience interested too.

If you’re not sure what your audience would be interested in, the easiest way to find out is by asking them directly. You can discover what content your audience wants through a survey, for example.

Depending on your target audience, it will also give you the chance to choose the best social media platform for your giveaway. This can be an Instagram giveaway, as well as a Facebook giveaway, or even a Twitter giveaway.

Image credit: Instagram

3. Choose the Giveaway Type

Your goals can also dictate your social media giveaway rules and the type of giveaway you’re hosting. You can partner up with another brand and offer a relevant prize to raise your brand’s awareness. On the same page, you can make a specific hashtag the main theme of your giveaway.

If you want to gain more followers after hitting a specific follower milestone, celebrating that milestone with a giveaway can help you. You can ask people to follow your page or share your Facebook or Instagram contest to boost your number of followers. Depending on what you want to achieve, there are different types of giveaways you can choose from.

Here are a few giveaway ideas: 

  • Photo contests
  • Like, follow, tag contests
  • Win a year of free products 
  • Getaways
  • Holiday-themed giveaways

You can use these ideas for a successful Instagram giveaway, for example, as well as Facebook and Twitter, depending on your business needs and target audience. 

Final Words

Social media giveaways should not be overlooked, as they work wonders for your business when they’re used properly. One idea would be to use a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram giveaway as a lead magnet. Alongside that, you get to also increase engagement and obtain a higher reach.

At the end of the day, social media giveaways are still worth it. That is because they create hype around a product or brand, and are a simple and effective way to reach your goals. They offer visibility to your brand when done right.

Have you found some great Instagram giveaway ideas and also put together the perfect Instagram giveaway post for next week? Then, you might want to make sure that they will be posted on the right day and at the right time.

SocialBee offers a 14-day free trial so that you can take advantage of all the post scheduling features that help your giveaway posts stand out on any platform.

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