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How to create Buyer Personas in Social Media Guide

Discover all there is to know about creating your very own buyer persona.

Why Is the Buyer Persona So Important on Social Media?

This is Chapter 8 from the Buyer Persona Guide

Personalization is key.

If your audience is ignoring you, it’s because your message isn’t about them, about their needs and problems, their hopes and dreams. Your audience is looking for products or services that are relevant to them. They need something that can fix their problem and help them out.

So, if you want to create a relationship with your audience, make them engage, and eventually buy, you need to create content that opens up conversations and provides the solution they need. Which means you need to know exactly who you are dealing with. What your ideal customer looks like, wants and hopes.

And guess what? Using social media to learn about your target audience is an enormous help in determining who your real customers are, what they do and what they need.

Here’s what you can learn about your target audience through their online and social media activities:

  • Their social media interests, likes, and dislikes.
  • How active they are on social media platforms. How much time they spend online. What motivates them to stay longer and engage.
  • When are they more active online – in the morning, in the evening, or are they always on the go?
  • What stage of the customer journey they are in.
  • The influencers they follow.
  • The online pages and sources they prefer – what they like to read.
  • What their pain points are.
  • What their hopes and dreams are.

So, as you can see, not only that you can learn about their likes and interests, but you can also study their behavior online.

The point is that when you truly understand who you are talking to on social and you combine that with the knowledge about their behavior, you can craft powerful, well-targeted messages.

In fact, according to studies content that is specifically tailored to meet an individual’s needs or preferences, delivers 18-times more profit than regular content.

Therefore if your goal is for your ideal customer to find your brand and product in today’s over-crowded online marketplace, make sure to develop an accurate buyer persona (customer avatar) and use the insight it gives you to write great, engaging content that will convert.

All of your content needs to be written with your Buyer Persona in mind!

So, anytime there is a direct interaction with a customer, understanding the avatar is crucial.

And if you commit to your audience, by customizing content for your different buyer personas you will experience more engagement from your customers, visibility and improve ads costs.

How to use buyer personas

Reading so far in this guide it’s surely clear by now that having and using a well-developed buyer persona is crucial for your business. Especially because it provides the insight you need to develop a personalized, specific content message that resonates and engages with your customers on your social platforms.

So, we are going to give you some smart tips on how to use your buyer persona on social to create customized content that converts. 

Here are some tips that can help you improve your content marketing strategy:

✔️ Know the Style and Tone – The easiest way to determine your style and tone is to use your buyer persona to set it. That’s why it’s so important to know your target audience well.
✔️ Focus on a Problem-Solution Strategy – Because most people are turning to the internet to look for solutions to their problems you are given a great opportunity to show them how your product or service can solve their problem. So, use your buyer persona to create content that addresses both your customers’ problems, as well as provides them with a quick solution to that problem.
✔️ Pick the Right Keywords – Use your buyer persona to determine what your ideal customers are searching for online. Keep in mind that the keywords they search for can be different from one social platform to another.
✔️ Determine your Social Media Strategy – Knowing where, when, and how to publish and promote the right copy on your social platforms in order to provide great visibility, is a must. The best way you can determine how your customers behave online is to use your buyer personas.

Discover what social media platforms they use, how and when they use social media – and create a social media strategy that generates interest and engagement from your customers.

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✍️ Bottom line:

When you better understand the person who is buying your product or service, you can fine-tune your marketing and sales process with a message that resonates and propels your customer to the desired call to action.

  • Learn who buys what, and why
  • Understand your buyer’s goals, wants and pain points and how you can address them
  • Tailor your marketing activities to your buyer’s expectations
  • See the purchase through the customer’s eyes

And, keep in mind that with the Social Media Specialist Concierge Service, your social profiles can be easily taken care of, so you can actually focus on what matters the most to you and your business! 💪🏻

Ready to make a change in your marketing strategy?

  • Create your buyer personas!
  • Make decisions that eventually lead to a successful, powerful social presence.
  • Remember to have fun while doing all these. It’s social media, after all 😉

And if you still have any more questions, reach out by emailing us at or schedule a call with us here.

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