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What is a webinar? Is a webinar two-way? What happens during a webinar?

The term “webinar” is basically a combination of the following two words: “web” and “seminar”. A webinar is a remotely conducted function that is attended by an online audience only.

This differentiates it from a webcast which also includes a physical audience presence. Online presentations, online conferences, webcasts, video lectures, and interactive presentations are other words used as alternatives to a webinar.

Webinars are similar to video conferences that deliver content more engagingly and in real-time. In the last few years, webinars have become increasingly popular. Most individuals are frequent participants who regularly attend webinars.

As a host, you will take on the role of an expert and share information about important topics that concern your audience. You may host a video-tutorial webinar to show participants how to create, cook, repair, draw or select something, for example. With your own experience, you can give them tips and tricks too.

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Numerous different resources from webinar platforms can support ideas and help people in achieving their goals. The market for the webinars also shows strong annual growth. This has multiple reasons because webinars are a very effective way to get familiarized with a subject. And as a bonus, they also offer significant cost savings.

Moreover, they are an interesting form of teaching from an educational perspective because of the high degree of engagement that allows participants to learn and understand more quickly and efficiently.

Attendees can easily follow webinars through digital devices such as a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone, and, thanks to audio and video feeds, they can even view and hear the speaker(s).

Besides the video images, it is also possible to broadcast PowerPoint slides that run in sync with the rest of the presentation.

You can also use the screen capture feature which allows you to display an application or website to your viewers.

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