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Post on Google My Business!

SocialBee is the all-in-one social media management tool that allows you to create, schedule, and post Google My Business content in order to connect with your potential customers.

Schedule Google My Business Posts with SocialBee

SocialBee allows you to focus on all your social media platforms at the same time.

So keep your Google My business content fresh, but don’t forget about your other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Supported Post Types

Text: Improve your customer experience by keeping your audience updated about your latest company news.

Images: Enhance the performance of your Google My Business content by adding appealing visuals to your posts.

Video: You currently can’t upload a video to Google My Business. We suggest using a YouTube link instead.

Content Categories

Make content categories for your Google My Business posts and schedule them alternatively.

As a result, you will have a diverse and interesting mix of content that will keep your audience engaged.

Evergreen Content

Don’t let good posts go to waste. Schedule them to post multiple times before expiring them and make sure you reach most of your audience.

Scheduling and Expiration Features

Schedule and expire your time-sensitive content at a specific time.

These features are perfect for any company announcements and limited offers you don’t want to post more than once.

Google my business posts

Posts Customization

Customize your posts to fit the requirements of each social media platform and surprise your audience with different content every time you post.

Also, feel free to create different variations of the same evergreen posts to keep them fresh and updated.

Specific Posting Schedule

Do you want to optimize your reach and engagement levels?

No problem, you can achieve this by customizing your posting schedule for each social media channel.

As a result, your content will get shared only during time-frames with the highest traffic and performance.

CTA Buttons

On Google My Business, you cannot add link previews.

However, you can add a clickable CTA button and encourage your audience to go to a certain page and make a purchase, book an appointment, etc.

Emoji Collection

Make your ideas stand out and give your text more structure by sprinkling emojis in your Google My Business posts straight from SocialBee.

Design Tools

Our Canva and Xara integrations are ready to help you create or import your visuals without leaving the SocialBee platform.

Use SocialBee’s Integrations

SocialBee has multiple integrations that can help you gather new content ideas, improve the way you publish content, and optimize your links:

  • Content editors: Canva, Xara
  • Content publishers: Zapier, Buffer, and Hootsuite
  • URL shorteners: Rebrandly, Bitly, RocketLink, JotURL, Replug, PixelMe, Switchy, and BL.INK. 
  • Content curation: Pocket and Quuu
Google My Business
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Post on Google My Business with SocialBee!

Create and share announcements, and let your customers know about your latest offers, events, and product launches from one place.

Improve Your Teamwork with SocialBee

Bring all your team members on the SocialBee platform and start creating the best content together.

Workspaces & Users

Stay organized by creating separate workspaces for each one of your businesses.

Invite team members into your workspaces and assign them different roles.

Content Approval

Make sure the content you share is correct and engaging by setting up an approval workflow with the help of SocialBee.

Save your posts as drafts and let your team crosscheck them and approve them when it’s all ready.

Internal Notes

Provide feedback to your team by leaving notes under your posts and tagging them to make sure they see your comments.

Concierge Services

Do you need help? SocialBee’s Concierge Services offer you a range of social media specialists that can create content and manage your online community.

Team collaboration

Monitor Your Google My Business Account Analytics

Examine your Google My Business performance by accessing your analytics from the SocialBee dashboard.

Google My Business analytics

Activity Status

Keep track of your account’s activity to find out how you can improve your posting schedule.


See how many people have seen your Google My Business posts to find out your reach power.  

Clicks and Impressions

Discover how many people saw and clicked on your posts.

Trusted by Over 18K Companies

SocialBee is a great platform that allows us to organize the content and post on multiple social platforms.
Matthias Allred
Owner, Skyline Insurance Agency
SocialBee is the very best way to schedule your posts, besides having
the very best customer service ever!
Michael Neuvirth
CEO, Accessible DIY
SocialBee is one of the most Powerful Social Media Content Marketing Tools in the industry.
Asit Sharma
Founder, iMe & Nomadic Nerds
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