SocialBee – Grow Features

Get New, Relevant, Valuable Followers


Track Your Twitter Growth Progress

See how your Twitter account is progressing – how many new followers you’re gaining, how many people you follow and unfollow, how often you tweet, and more.

See Your Relationship With Any Twitter Account Through Profile Check

Use Profile Check to see if you’re following a specific account and if they are following you. If you’ve followed them through SocialBee, you’ll also be able to see which search you used to find them. You’ll also be able to see when they might have followed or unfollowed you, and more.

What Works Best to Grow Your Account?

See exactly why your account has been growing and the conversion rates of each of your search related follows via the Growth Reports.

Find accounts to follow

Search Twitter’s Users to Find Your Target Audience

Use our User Search to find accounts with specific keywords in their profile (bio, location, etc). Filter them to find the best ones to then follow.

Get In Front of Your Competitors’ Followers

Use Competitor Analysis to see who are the followers of your competitors (or any Twitter account). Filter them to find the best ones to then follow.

Find the People Who Are Looking For Your Product or Service

Use Keyword Search to find people who tweet about your targeted keywords. Filter them to find the best ones to then follow.

Easily Follow a Specific List of Twitter Profiles

If you have a list of Twitter handles you’d like to follow, you can just use the Upload Followers functionality to get more details about them and to follow the ones you choose.

Use Our Growth Filters To Find The Best Accounts to Follow

We have implemented many filters that will help you find your ideal profiles across the different follow and unfollow features. The filters include location, bio, profile picture, language, number of friends or followers, last tweet date, and more.

Save Time and Auto-Follow With The Concierge Growth Service

You can’t auto-follow people on Twitter per se. It’s against Twitter’s Term of Services. That’s why we don’t use any bots. But we know you want to save time, and still, follow relevant accounts. This is why through our Concierge Services we can manually do the following and unfollowing for you – based on your specific criteria.

Fans, Friends, and Fools

See Who Are Your Fans

These are the people who follow you on Twitter but you’re not following them back. Maybe you’ll find some good accounts to follow here.

It’s Good to Have Friends

And I don’t mean Rachel, Ross, Joey and the rest. With the Friends feature, we show you who are the people you’re following that are also following you back. You can also easily filter them to remove the inactive ones, for example.

See Who’s Not Following You Back

Are there any users you’re following but are not following you back? We’ll show you who. We’ll even show you how long ago you followed them. And then it’s up to you if you want to keep following them or not.

Don’t Accidentally Unfollow Someone via The Whitelist

If you want to make sure you don’t accidentally unfollow someone (eg while looking at the non-followers) you really want to follow – even if they are not following you back, just add them to the whitelist.

Don’t Accidentally Follow Someone via The Blacklist

If you want to make sure you don’t accidentally follow someone (eg while looking at user search, competitor analysis, or keyword search) you really don’t want to follow (like a competitor or a shady account), just add them to the blacklist.